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Hi I'm Jeff Shirey

I'm a Mormon. I live in western Washington, served eight years in the Air Force and have been a police officer for fourteen years.

About Me

I converted to the Mormon church at age 21. I had just married and was serving in the Air Force in Tacoma, Wa. As a grade schooler, I tried all the other religions and none of them ever FELT right. They were not bad, something else I could not identify was just missing. I learned later that it was the rest of the gospel and God's spirit that was missing. I am a father of four beautiful, healthy, strong children and been married twenty years to my high school sweet heart. Yes, like anyone else, my family and I have had our share of ups and downs. How did we get through it you ask? God, his son Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and our faith in them all. The Mormon church supplied the "rest of the story" via the Book of Mormon. I have been a police officer for fifteen plus years. I can testify to you that my faith has saved my bacon more than once. Every time I take a "time out", or a "break" from religion, I find myself going right back to the LDS faith, not others. It is complete. It is the truth. It is full of the Spirit of God.

Why I am a Mormon

When I converted, my wife, who had been a member all her life and grew up in the church, believed I would never be converted. My heart had been hardened by all the other scandolous religions and I no longer wanted to be associated with how people misinterpreted and abused religion. I found that most would "bend" the gospel principals and commandments to justify their actions. In other words, legitimize their sins. I first just wanted to talk to someone else about scripture. I was hungry to learn of my Father and Brother in Heaven. So I met the lady missionairies. We talked about the gospel, the plan of salvation, repentance, and baptism. I attended sacrament (passing of bread and water) and other gospel meetings. I found that feeling I had been looking for: God's spirit. I found more to the story of God and Jesus Christ through the Book of Mormon, Another Testimant of Jesus Christ. I learned that Joseph Smith, a young boy, was in the same boat about other religions as I. So he knelt and prayed. He asked God himself what he should do. So did I. I received a positive answer: the "knowing" that the choice was right and was baptised

How I live my faith

I pray and ask God questions. I read scriptures, then pray some more about what I read. I attend my church meeting and discuss those things I like, dont like, and am confused about. Then I go home and pray some more about what was said. I share and show my faith, through service. I share my belief in my faith during service. I follow God's commandments and I know in my heart when I dont. I repent when I dont and do my best not to sin again. When I sin again, I repent and enact a new plan to make myself successful. I cant, dont even want to, "make" you know, believe, trust in any of this. I can only share my belief and life experiences in it. I know its true because I have and have not lived it. I have been on both sides of the fence and can testify one is certainly better than the other. My advise is this: seek for yourself. Ask of those you know are Mormon, or LDS, for their testimony, hear it without bias, then seek the scriptures yourself. Pray with honesty and sincerity if you are going to pray. Set aside biases, what you believe now, and what you "think" you know and pray. Only then will you know the truth. I did and know I know....the rest of the story.