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Hi I'm Austin

I negotiate with companies for the Navy. I write and sing weird birthday songs for my co-workers each month. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Utah and spent most of time playing baseball. I played baseball for three different colleges, until I finally graduated and moved to Washington to work for the Navy. I am married to the most beautiful girl in the world and would rather hang out with her than anyone else. I have a huge baseball card collection and love to watch football and play golf. I served a mission for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for two years. A lot of people think that members of my faith have to be perfect and don't have any fun. I am proof that this is not true...I am constantly joking around and am anything but perfect...just ask my parents. Every month me and two other Mormons that work with me write a birthday song for our co-workers and perform it in front of everyone at work. It's pretty embarrassing, but everyone gets a good laugh out of it!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up as a member of the church and was taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the time I was very young. Throughout my life I have questioned many times whether or not the church is "the only true church" and if the things I believe and practice are really true principles of God. As I have studied the Bible and the Book of Mormon, it has been made clear to me through the Spirit of God that the teachings of this church are true. It makes sense to me that if God called prophets in Biblical times and spoke to them then, that he would continue to call prophets today. We have a prophet on the earth today who receives revelation from God just as the prophets did thousands of years ago. It also makes sense to me that if Christ set up His church with twelve apostles and gave them authority to act in His name, that His church would also have twelve apostles with the same authority. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has twelve apostles who have been given the authority to act in Christ's name. This authority is called the Priesthood. The Biblical prophets and apostles had the priesthood and so do the prophets and apostles of our time. It makes sense to me that Christ's church would contain all the teachings and necessary ordinances of salvation that were taught in Biblical times. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints does. I am a Mormon because I have read The Book of Mormon and felt the Holy Spirit in my life as I do. I am a Mormon because I have put into practice the teachings of the church and have seen the blessings that result from doing so. I am a Mormon because I have seen the priesthood (authority to act in the name of Christ) bless my life and the lives of others directly. I believe that there are many good churches that teach many true principles, but I believe that this is the only church with ALL the truths necessary for me to eventually return to live with God and to be the happiest person I can be while I'm alive.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by serving in my church as the leader of a large group of other members of my church. I am responsible for the physical and spiritual needs of all members of the church in the community that I live in. I teach other members of the church the Gospel of Jesus Christ each Sunday. I visit many families that belong to my church each month to ensure that their needs are met and to share a spiritual message with them. I live my faith by keeping the commandments of God. I am not perfect in this, but am trying to be better today than I was yesterday. When I slip up, I live my faith by utilizing Christ's atonement, asking God to forgive me, and moving forward as a better person. I live my faith by sharing my testimony of Jesus Christ with others.