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Hi I'm Bret Wightman

I was raised in Southern California, and am 1 of 6 kids. Grew up with a really loving family, with great parents.

About Me

I am an ordinary man who loves his family. I work hard everyday and have had this work ethic all my life from childhood. It must come from genes. I have been self-employed for almost 25 years and decided to change careers. I definitely am a blue color worker as they say. I have four children all grown up and have two grand daughters. They are all my delight. My wife and I are coming up on 30 years of marriage. I must say it hasn't always been good and easy but it has and always will be worth it. I love to go on trips and vacations, but am most excited when I am playing golf. And even though I am not too proficient while playing it has been my way of relaxing and enjoying myself and away from the riggers of work. I love to also read and study interesting history. I love especially reading autobiographies and biographies . I enjoy running, although my knees have given way to such diligent activities. It has been calculated by a good friend of mine that I have in my life time ran twice around the world. During my youth running and football had my attention in full. They still do to some degree but family is far more important than my personal benefits. I also have a love of people and delight to help them in any way I can.

Why I am a Mormon

While a youth Mom had all of us six children baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Although we attended infrequently mom realized baptism was essential in our lives. While a freshman in high school I had the blessing of having 3 great friends, all of whom weren't members of my faith, and quite honestly I don't think they knew that I was LDS. I learned a valuable lesson from one of those friends. It was his insistence that I not partake of the rituals of party life every weekend that most high school students engage in. Said he, if I do, he chose not to hang around me or associate with me any more.I thought within myself I rather have him to be my friend than to lose him over drinking. We had a great friendship during those high school years, a real high light of my youth. After high school I was asked by the bishop of my ward (congregation) to help the missionaries of the church to teach a fellow student from my school. I reluctantly agreed. I walked into that room willing not to say anything, just to listen. I listened intently what was being taught and I knew what these two missionaries were teaching was true. They taught about prophets of God both anciently and today, and how he communicates to his children on earth through them. I walked out of there after an hour or so feeling full of the spirit of God like I had never experience before. Remember I only attended church on occasion, a casual infrequent attendee. Well off to college I went on a football scholarship. Enjoyed very much the football, but didn't like being around the cussing and off colored stories and jokes. I came home after the first semester on Christmas break and was reluctant to go back. I didn't want to be a part of that atmosphere, but I didn't know what to do. My dad mention to me that its time to serve the Lord on a mission and now's the time to do so. Within 3 months I gave up my scholarship and was headed to England in the Lord's service.

How I live my faith

This the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been an absolute blessing in my life. I love the spirit that I feel in service to others. I love the feelings I have for all mankind and wish to share it as well. I have taught in many different positions in church service. I have been in leadership positions and have been teaching families and individuals for the better part of 30 years. I believe I have been the benefactor of the multitude of blessings the Lord offers in his behalf. More than that I know for a certainty the doctrine and teachings are true. I have seen lives change for the better as a result of such teachings. I have had the blessing of volunteering and doing multiple service projects in and around the communities of which I have lived. I have mourned with those who are mourning, cried with those who were under difficult circumstances. I have offered service where people just shook their heads in disbelief because they couldn't believe the great blessings they just received. I feel to rejoice in the council given by the Lord that to be in his service for the good of others, like he did, is exactly what he wants me to do and so I simply oblige. I believe this is the good part of life, just to help others who are in need. This is my life not relegated just to my family but to all of the Lord's family.