Rebecca E. Johnson: Mother, Scouting, Medical, Outdoors, Teaching, Family, Mormon.

Hi I'm Rebecca E. Johnson

About Me

I'm a wife and I'm the mother of 5 boys. I work full time as a Physician Assistant in a busy family practice setting. I love what I do and the people I work with. My medical background started as a volunteer fire fighter, then EMT on a volunteer ambulance, then progressed to ER Technician before going back to school to become a PA. All of which happened after having my children. Balancing a career and family has been challenging but also rewarding. I volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America. I have been involved with either Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts most of my adult life. I also teach 2 medical courses at a University. Just until recently, I have also been teaching First Aid and CPR to our community. My hobbies include the outdoors; camping, canoeing, swimming. I love to watch movies with my family and go on walks, picnics, and vacations that allow us to explore. My husband and I home school one of our boys. Two are in public school and two have recently graduated from high school. One is serving an LDS mission. The other is going to community college. We are a close family and enjoy one anothers company and laughter.

Why I am a Mormon

Like many others, I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. However, it was in my early 20's that I became converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was drawn by the sweet music sung by little children while attending church. Their sweet voices brought a warmth to my heart that cannot be forgotten. Shortly after, my first son was born. I wanted him to be raised in a loving community that encouraged strong values, and the importance of family. Raising my children within an organization that accepts little children from the moment they are born, was important to me. As a mother and wife, I too needed to be filled with a sence of purpose. The LDS church has given me that purpose. I know who I am, where I came from, what I am doing now, and what to expect in the next life to come. As I teach the same values to my children, I feel that same warmth I felt so many years ago from the sweet voices of little children singing. They too, have expressed comfort as we live and discuss the gospel principals built on the foundation of Christ who is at the head of this church and great organization. There is nothing like it anywhere.

Personal Stories

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

Prayer plays a very important part of my life. Not only do I ask for direction for myself and my family but also my field of work. I pray daily that I will "do no harm," as I have sworn to do as a health care provider. Sometimes I find that I have someone who is serisouly ill with little or no cause. I pray for them. I pray for added inspiration to know what to do for that person. Sometimes, it isn't an illenss that one of my patients is experiencing, rather sorrow. I pray for them to feel comfort. These prayers are not subtely stated under my breath either. These are formidable prayers said on each persons behalf. I can't imagine going through my day without the benefit of prayer.

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

Some time ago, I was asked to be released from a calling that I enjoyed. Not only did I enjoy this calling, but I felt as though I needed this calling. I worked with the Young Women ages 12-18. I have 5 boys, a husband, a male dog, and work in mostly a male-dominated world. The time I spent with these Young Women warmed my heart and helped me feel needed, wanted and accepted in ways that I would not ordinarily be able to receive. Being asked to step-down from this was very difficult. I was angry and sad, and questioned why I would be taken away from something that meant so much to me. I prayed heavily about this and asked for comfort. One early morning I looked out my window at 2 large trees in our front yard. I reflected on an interesting incident. An unemployed tree-trimmer had stopped by my home a couple years earlier. He was looking for any sort of work. He asked if he could trim these trees, which desperately needed it. We decided on a price and I agreed. When I arrived home that night, one tree had been cut almost to the trunk! Very few limbs were left. I was very upset. The man tried to reassure me and convince me that it was the best thing for this tree. I couldn’t see it. I paid him, and asked him not to come back and not to touch the other tree. The man left and I never saw him again. A few months later the severely cut tree began to rejuvenate. Its limbs grew big, strong and solid. The man was correct. The second tree that never got pruned didn’t look as well. It had several dead limbs. Sitting side by side, one can see the difference quite clearly. As I reflected on this story, the Holy Ghost bore witness to me, that because the Lord loves us, sometimes we are pruned back so that we too can grow stronger. My heart was softened. I am grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost that brings comfort into my life and helps me to put things in the Lord’s perspective rather than my own.

How I live my faith

In the past, I have been very involved with the younger children at church. Especially when my boys were young. I have been a teacher and also helped organize the teachers and making sure that the programs run smoothly and as outlined. I have also been heavily involved with Boy Scouts, sponsored by the LDS church. I have been a Sunday School teacher for youth and adults. I have been the medical director for girl's camp with 200 women and teenage girls. I have also been blessed to participate in canoeing and hiking trips for smaller groups of teenage girls. I was a music chorister for our ward. I can't sing, but I can sure swing my arm and lip sink really well! I now teach Seminary. This is a class that teenagers take every week-day morning at 6AM. We go into depth studying and learning the scriptures which helps us draw closer to our Savior. It's an amazing way to start one's morning! I enjoy what I do and even though I may not be very good at it sometimes, I learn as I go and have enjoyed the opportunity to grow. I am also a visiting teacher. I visit two, very special women each month. One elderly and one young. Each of them have special needs. It's great to be able to visit them and offer my support and service as needed. I have been able to learn a lot about them, the world they grew up in and have had earfulls of wonderful advice. I enjoy the time I get to spend with these great matriarchs. I live my faith daily, not just on Sundays or when it suits me. My patients know who I am and know of my values. My boys watch the example I live and often follow the same example. We read scriptures and say prayers daily, both individually and collectively. This helps me to charge my batteries daily and muttle through the manutia of life. It helps me to put a smile on my face and the joy it brings me shines through. People notice it and comment on it routinely. Because my faith brings me joy, I choose to live my life this way.