Bear: Mormon.

Hi I'm Bear

About Me

I work as a ramp shift manager for the airlines to live and support my family. I love to draw and am trying to get into airbrushing. I've collected comics when I was in my youth and was a military brat till the age of 8. I have always loved the outdoors and nature and can't sleep right unless we go camping at least once a year. The mountains are my home and always will be. I have collected knives and swords since my youth and have made a couple of my own, with the hopes of doing that for a profession when i get up in years. I have always done Native American crafting as part of my culture which also helps with my leather working.

Why I am a Mormon

My Mother was pregnant with me when she was baptized into the LDS church. But even though I was born into the Church I had to be converted just as anyone has too. In my young adult years I was inactive and wasn't following the teaching of the gospel. I helped in my off hours by bouncing at a biker bar. But I had a friend that had just returned from his two year mission for the Church who lived next door and later became my cousin by marriage. He invited me to the singles ward which I had always took to mean "you're single and therefore an oddity so here's where you belong" that couldn't have been farther from the truth. I came to know these people in the singles ward as some of my closest friends and part of my family. It was thru this ward that I soon prepared to go out and serve a mission at the age of 23. For along time my family has had troubles with our genealogy as alot of the Native Americans were a verbal rather than a written people and our genealogy was not passed on as it should have been. So you can imagine the troubles we have tracing our linage. I was called to the Georgia Macon mission in which my response was "oh no." I soon found out that Heavenly Father calls us to where we are needed and where we would benefit most. Thru these turn of events I found our linage that lead to Georgia by the means of a local LDS leader and his wife. I was able to attend a family reunion of a family I had just discovered. And all that leads back to a return missionary who started a domino effect with the joking words of "there are pretty girls there." It was on my mission where I became completely converted to the LDS church. I know that our Heavenly Father is mindful of every need, want and desire that we have and is willing to help if we are. He will put twice the effort into something that we put into it. I know he loves his children no matter what, who or where they are in life. He, like any parent, wants his children to come home to open arms.

Personal Stories

What is hope and what do you hope for?

Hope is silent prayer, a wish of the heart. It is a hidden driving force for us all. The one thing that encourages us to take another step knowing that one day those steps will lead us to a place that we want to be and the people we want to be with. I have never hoped for fancy cars or a large house or mounds of money. I have always hoped for just enough. A loving family, a place to raise that family in love and security. I have always hoped for a home where the people who reside there can feel the love and warmth and have that feeling that they are never alone to walk thru this world. I have always hoped that those who enter that home can feel of that as they step foot in that home.

Why do Mormons go on missions?

There are many different reasons why the members of the Church go on missions. The standard set by the Church is that at the age of 19 a young man is ready to serve a mission if they do so choose. In my case I was preparing to do this and there was something that occurred in my life that stopped this and I came to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to serve a mission. Four years later that theory was proven incorrect and I prepared and went on my mission at the age of 23. It is said that Heavenly Father sends us where we need to go. The one place that I didn’t want to go in the world was the south, let alone Georgia. That is exactly where I was sent on my mission. It was there that I truly found out the meaning of Heavenly Father sends us where we need to go. Because of this I was able to help and teach many people and I also found a long lost line of my families linage that we were having trouble locating. I also could not imagine serving my mission in any other place and I would not have wanted to go anywhere else. I had always said that I did not go out on my mission to convert others to this religion. That was not my job. My job was to help others and answer questions. The Holy Spirit and that individual are the ones that do the conversion. Each person makes their own choice. It can not be made for them. Even my children have to make their own choice. It is my job to teach them so they know their options so they can make a sound and good choice. This is why Mormons go on missions, to help them prepare for what roads are laid before them and to help our brothers and sisters along the way.

How I live my faith

I am our ward's technical specialist and have the opportunity to assist with any presentation in the Church or world wide broadcast. I'm the video and audio guy. But above all I am a father of three. My wife and I have lost two children with child birth so I can really say I am a father of five, so this would explain the 5 year gap between my second oldest and the youngest boy. I do my best to teach and raise my children knowing about the LDS religion as well as what I know about other religions. After all, every person needs to make their own choice. I do most of my teaching thru my actions as how can I be a follower if I don't walk as I talk. I am also a Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T) member as well as a member of the N.R.A. and a licensed H.A.M. operator. I find a real joy in helping people around me.