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Hi I'm Jim.

"I am a retired phone man, postmaster, electrician, appliance repairman. I'm happily married and busy with family. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 81 years old. I am retired, but very busy. I was a licensed electrician years ago, a phone technician and appliance repairman. Each of these have kept me busy helping others since retiring 15 years ago. I was a postmaster for 7 years too. That was a another wonderful way to meet people. I am a father of 5 children. My wife of 28 years, the best thing that has happened to me, has 5 children also which gives us 34 Grandchildren and 4 Great ones. Busy there too. All happy busy. We have very happy family reunions. I graduated from high school in 1949 and joined the Navy the following February. I was an Electronic Technician and served aboard aircraft carriers for 4 years through the Korean war before returning to civilian and family life. I enjoy bowling and golfing, and most other sports to watch, but not on Sunday. In my spare time I enjoy writing (mostly children and adult humorous fantasies and simple poetry) and reading. My wife is a master gardener, so she helps keeping me busy helping her. Mostly building extra buildings for her garden stuff. I have stuff too, but she has more stuff than I do. We enjoy each other and our families and friends. I do aerobics twice a week to keep physically healthy. I mow the lawn too, but as my wife says, "It's mostly down hill so it's not that hard."

Why I am a Mormon

I am a husband, father and Grandfather. I joined the church 41 years ago. I knew in my heart that there must be something more to religion than just sitting and listening once a week. Something that I personally could participate in. I found it one Sunday afternoon when two young women knocked on our back door. My wife at that time answered the door and I heard a young woman ask, "What do you know about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and would you like to know more?" My wife's response was, "No. If we were going to be anything, we would be Mormons." The two young women broke into laughter. We didn't know why, but they soon explained to us, that the two churches to us, were the same thing. We had no idea they were the same. But what prompted my wife to say that we would be Mormons, was because we had a very good friend at work who was a Mormon and an exceptionally good person. The full time missionaries came over that evening and began teaching us about the church. It all made perfect sense to me and was completely logical, so was baptized 6 months later. What has been so delightful to me is that I have been able to continue learning, and that I am expected to do so. Each day. All the time. This church is an every day all the time church. I love it. I liken this experience of 'going from non member to member' as going to a baseball game and having to stand outside and watch it through a knot hole in the fence. I can hear the crowd and see glimpses of a player or ball in the air once in a while. Now, I can be a player in the game. I love learning. Specially the spiritual portion of my life. Where I came from. Why I am here. Where I can go after this earthly life. Another of the things that I found so logical and attractive to me about the church, is that it has no paid clergy. We all work. From our Prophet to us. All are essential. I consider that joining this church has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.

How I live my faith

I have always felt that it is important to give our children the best education that we can. I believe that a good education is the greatest chance that a child has to grow up to be a productive citizen. So I support the schools systems wherever I live by attending school board meetings, taking an active roll in their discussions and promoting board elections and bond levies when appropriate. I have made it a habit for the past 32 years to study the scriptures daily. I gives me my needed power to control myself. Though I have made some bad choices in my life, the scriptures have taught me that I can overcome them and not repeat them. I have found too from the scriptures, that I cannot say a sincere prayer for someone that has injured me, and still feel hurt or angry with them, but just love for them instead. Scriptures can do that. I have had many callings in the church, that is specific jobs to do, and have found joy, happiness and specially learning from each one of them. Each has been a blessing to me and has helped to make me a better person. Teaching a class on Sunday or helping to move someone in the week. Family history and temple work are very important to me. It has brought me so much closer to my own family, my background and upbringing, and a real love for my progenitors. It made them more real to me. It has done the same for my wife who's family history and temple work I have been able to do for her as well. How glorious a feeling it is to know that we can be families all through eternity as well as here. If you love them here, how terrible it would be to go through eternity without them. What kind of Heaven or after life would that be to look forward to? Unthinkable. No, this church and it's teachings are true. We can be eternal families and live with our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost forever. I love the work I have been given and am able to do. Helping others.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

I think that all of us have made some mistakes, bad choices, in our lives that are not possible to undo. A thought or word or deed that has hurt someone. Anybody, but usually someone that we love. We can apologize, try to make up for the harm we have done, and pay for it in any way that we can. These things we must do if we are sincerely sorry. We may be able to undo some of the hurt or harm we may have caused, but we are not able to take away the guilt we will feel for our wrongful choice. We need a second chance. So what can we do? We can repent. We can ask for forgiveness from the one we have hurt. And then we must ask forgiveness from Our God. Only our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through His Atonement can undo this guilt for us and make us clean again. He paid the price for all of us with His blood like sweat in Gethsemane and then His agony on the cross. He can undo it for us. It is the only way that we can have a second chance. Here and now or in eternity later. We all need a second chance. That is why we need a Savior. Remembering too that if we want forgiveness, we need to be forgiving. To all. Show more Show less