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Hi I'm Devin

I teach high school math, I have three amazing boys and a beautiful wife and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a man of many hats. I am a high school math teacher. I am a student working to become an administrator with an Education Masters Degree. I am a tutor part time for struggling math students. I am a husband to a wonderful wife he supports me in all of my endeavors. I am a father of three boys who keep everyone in the house busy. They are so fun to play with and run around with. Last, I serve in the local Sunday School presidency in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As you may have guessed I am a very busy man. Even with all of my responsibilities I always find time to either wrestle around with my boys or on some weekends go fishing in the mountains with my boys. I love the outdoors and I love to fish. I also do small game hunting. However, my favorite activity to do on my spare time is to go on a date with my wife. It is so nice to get away from the stresses of the world and to sit and talk with my wife. She is always amazed how much more I talk when we have time together. I have many hobbies that I have already mentioned, but my favorite hobby is to cook and bake. I love food and I love learning how to make it and make it the best I possibly can. I have a amateur cookbook that I have made with all of my own recipes. It is amazing how certain food items can come together to make such delicious food. I love understanding the science behind foods and why certain things are done. I have a busy life, but I love it.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been asked this question many times, and when I tell them I was born in the church people tend to think that is the reason I go to church. However without personal conviction many do not continue in the faith. Since I was young I was told of the promise in the Book of Mormon in Moroni 10:4-5 which states if anyone wants to know that this book is true they can ask God and through the power of the Holy Ghost they my know that it is true. I wanted to know for myself that this book is true. For if the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet from God and that Jesus Christ is truly the Savior of the world. I prayed and read many times. After some time one day I had read the scriptures, I had an amazing experience where I felt the Spirit so strong that this was truly the word of God as is the Bible. I later realized all of the times I read the scriptures I had felt at peace every time. I have come to realize that this comfort and peace is the still small voice that Elijah had experienced waiting from a message from God. Through my life I have had witnesses of the truth through the Holy Ghost for many other aspects of the church. I know that God is real and loves us. He is our Father and loved us enough to send his only Son who was perfect. I know that Jesus truly came to earth for us. He came to suffer and die so that all men might be raised again if they have faith, repent, be baptized and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. All can live with God through the Atonement of Christ. This is the message of the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon and the modern Day prophets. I know that the church was lost in its fulness when men killed the apostles. I know that it was restored in its fullness agin through a prophet as God did in the past with Noah, Abraham, Moses. Joseph Smith saw God and his Son and they revealed the truth. There is a prophet of God today he teaches us what God would have us do. Read and pray and you may know what I know.

How I live my faith

I know that that this could be summed up in the phrase "I am trying to be like Jesus". This is a small phrase, but it not easy to be like the Saviour with so many distractions. Now to be more specific on how I live my faith I pray and read the scriptures daily. I yearn to receive personal direction through the words of God through the prophets of old. I also attend my church meetings to understand ancient and modern day prophets direction on how to be like the Son of God. In the local church which are referred to as wards, I watch over the gospel instruction in the Sunday School. We make sure all of the teachers are there to teach all ages. I love Sunday School and I am grateful to serve and make sure that people are guided to the truth. The most important aspect of living my religion is living it with my Family. The world has many dangers and the home should be a haven from all that could harm the ones we love. We eat together as often as permitted through my busy schedule. We read scriptures together to help my sons learn the gospel. My wife and I attend the Temple every month. This is a wonderful place where I can learn and become closer to God. This is where my wife and I were married. I know that in the temple there are men who hold the same power that Jesus gave to Peter who could seal on earth as in heaven. Temples are places where we truly can be a husband and wife not just on earth but in heaven. Not only is my physical family important to help, but I know that I have spiritual family that I try to serve. I have been assigned to a few families where I help and make sure that their needs are met. I work in the community as with all other members and provided service as much as I can. I try to be an outstanding citizen and a light unto the world as the Savior asked of his followers.

Why do Mormons believe in the Bible?

I went on a mission to Alabama U.S.A. so I was asked this question quite a bit and the answer is yes. The Bible is the word of God. It was revealed to many prophets through the ages. The Bible testifies of the Divine Mission of Jesus Christ. It is the one of the greatest treasures of mine to read the marvelous accounts of those ancient prophets and apostles. I love the Bible and especially the accounts of Christ's ministry on earth. I know the accounts in the book are true and it is from God. Show more Show less