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Hi I'm Effie

I love to teach little ones. I use my childhood experiences to better my future and the lives of those in my care. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Currently I am a Stay At Home Mom. Prior to this role I taught preschool with an ECE certification and specialized certification for teaching children with special needs. I also homeschool my eldest daughter who has some special needs and did not thrive in the public school setting. While I've had many days of frustration, I love what I do! My kids are a true blessing to me. There was a time when I didn't think I would conceive children naturally but once I finally had one then two more joined us without any difficulty. Three kids in less then four years can keep me pretty busy. I draw on my education and preschool experience to teach them throughout the day about the basics of education. I draw on my faith and testimony to teach them about Jesus and religion. I draw on my past and family to teach them about life, trust and experience. My husband is Mexican and we have really tried to incorporate some of those traditions into our lives. He talks to his family regularly, sing songs and read books in Spanish to our kids. Traditional Mexican meals are a regular on the menu and my husband being a Chef by trade has taken delight in teaching me how to cook those meals and I am eager to learn. Cooking and hosting get-togethers are things that I enjoy. I also enjoy teaching myself how to do things. Often times I will see something that looks interesting and I will begin to visualize how to do it. Then when I try it, somehow it comes together. I love that feeling!

Why I am a Mormon

"Why I'm a Mormon," that's difficult to answer without becoming too personal. My childhood had a lot of bumps and was filled with dissappointment. While I was raised Mormon, my parents weren't very active in the religion. I gained enough knowledge as a child though to understand Jesus, the basics of the religion and to be baptized. As I grew into my teenage years I found that I had a lot of bitterness in my heart about some of my childhood experiences and I started to make decisions that were less then pleasing to myself, my family and my religion. As I began to attend Church more frequently and really gained a testimony of Heavenly Father's plan (for me,) I decided I wanted to become more. I knew I could be better. The Mormon church has a wonderful organization for teenage girls called Young Women and I had become friends with several of the girls in that group as well as very fond of the leaders. Being a part of that group gave me a sense of belonging that I never had before. They loved me without judgement of my past. In a loving way, I was taught about repentance and being forgiven by my Bishop. As I became an adult I used the examples I had recieved as a pattern for how I wanted to raise my family. It occurred to me that the people I admired most, followed the Gospel beliefs of the Church the closest. I wanted what they had and really began to study all aspects of the Mormon religion. I realized that my beliefs were so similar to those of the Mormon religion and whenever I had a question I could either find someone who had the answer or I could find the answer on my own by studying further in the scriptures. I have felt the healing power of the Priesthood and confirming Spirit of prayer. As my testimony of this Gospel has grown, I love that there is a Prophet on the earth today that can give me instruction and that his message is the same as those in the Bible~ follow Christ. Family and Christ are central to this Church and me.

How I live my faith

One of my favorite things about being a Mormon are the opportunities that I've been given to serve. Ever since I became actively involved in this church I've been asked to participate in some way. That is actually one of the reasons I originally started to be active in this religion, because I was asked to be a part of my class Presidency as a teenager. Through the years I've served in many organizations of the Church. I've had positions as librarian, teaching the children and even the teenage girls. I've also even taught the woman's group (Relief Society.) I've had positions of leadership in the childrens organization (Primary) and on the activities committee. Currently, I'm serving on the committee that plans all of the activities for the women's organization (Relief Society.) I love to serve because I truly love others and want see them happy and taken care of. One aspect about our church that I've grown to love is something called Visiting Teaching. This is where I am given a partner and we are responsible to oversee the needs of a few other women in our ward (local congregation.) I used to get annoyed with this obligation but then I received a Visiting Teacher that loved me and took care of me in my time of need. She taught me so many wonderful things about loving the Lord through service to others. After that moment I made it my goal to love those that I've been asked to oversee the way she loved and took care of me. It has been a humbling experience and has allowed me to come out of my shell significantly. Through me I have seen others change and come back to the Lord. I have learned that the prayers I have said for these beautiful women and their families have been felt and that these are Heavenly Father's children, who He loves and wants to see happy and taken care of. With every act of service and organization I've been asked to participate in my testimony of the truthfulness of this Gospel has grown and stregthened my self worth.