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Hi I'm Randall

I'm an author, game designer and developer. I'm a geek. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Though born in Jamaica, I only lived there 6 months before moving back to the US. For work opportunities--my father's and then my own--I've lived in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois and now Washington. I've a life-long joy of reading, especially science fiction and fantasy, though a love of learning means I'm also reading such things as Scientific American or National Geographic, or works of Theology, while watching as many documentaries on the Science Channel and Discovery as I can get away with. I've also a passion for gaming born from an 11-year-old introduction to comics and games that expand my imagination and challenge me intellectually. I served a 2-year LDS Mission in Guatemala that left me with a lifetime of precious memories, despite a close brush with death due to food poisoning. Upon returning I married my best friend, Tara Lewis, in Arizona in 1993. In 1996 I was given the opportunity to start work in the adventure gaming industry (board games, card games, roleplaying games), which I leapt at. Fifteen plus years later I've penned half a dozen military-science fiction novels, dozens of short stories, developed-for-publication over a hundred various gaming related products (from miniatures to board to roleplaying games) and am currently the Managing Developer and co-owner of a gaming company, Catalyst Game Labs. I have three wonderful children and a loving wife, along with a slew of friends around the world, whom I love to game/geek out with any chance I get.

Why I am a Mormon

Though I grew up in the church, each of us must find their own testimony of the Savior and of Heavenly Father's plan for His children. I've a life-time of experiences that have given me that witness. Growing up, the examples of my mother and father striving to bring themselves near their Heavenly Father and raise their children in righteousness, left an indelible mark of the relationship with my future family I should have; of the father I should be. On my mission I saw miracles of the Lord as His gospel changed peoples lives for the better. I recently celebrated 18 years of marriage and every time my wife enters the room I feel my attention pulled to her presence...in that joy I know the hand of a loving Heavenly Father that would bless me with a companion who understands me more than any other in this world...and loves me despite all my weaknesses. I have three magnificent children...and in their eyes I see divinity. In their physical issues and the struggles to cope I've seen the blessings from heaven as the outpouring of support from family, friends, school and more, has been over-whelming. As a voracious reader and a seeker of knowledge--including an intense interest in all that science has and continues to un-cover about how the universe works--my intellect wars with my spirit. How does the existence of God work alongside all we're discovering, such as the age of the Earth, evolution and more? Yet the more I learn of what science is finding about the cosmos, the more I see His hand in all things and begin to comprehend how science and the Lord's Priesthood are interwoven. The more I study His plan as revealed through the scriptures and His gospel, the more I understand life's tragedies are a test to overcome. Just as I wish all happiness for my children, so does our Father for us, if we will but choose to follow Him. Despite all the above, ultimately I'm a member because I've prayed to my Father to know...and through the Holy Ghost he's answered.

How I live my faith

Daily I pray--with my family and personally--to better know what my Father in Heaven would have of me. I study the scriptures often in the hope of bringing myself closer to my Savior. I attend church weekly with my family, where I co-teach a class of bright, intelligent 6-7-year-olds. I help in the church library every other Tuesday during youth activities and scouting, as well as take advantage of other service opportunities. Yet day to day, most importantly, for me to live my faith I believe I must keep one thing paramount: it is a shield, not a sword. It is a defense against the world and those influences I believe can hurt me, my wife, and especially my children. It is a sure understanding that my faith is mine alone. That my testimony is mine alone. That after the Savior returns I will stand alone to be judged of him. How I loved and respected my wife; how I loved and raised my children; how I treated others; how I respond to all that happens in my life and the example I set for my family and others: all rest firmly upon my shoulders. God gave me his greatest gift, that agency, to choose how I will act...but he will hold me personally accountable for all my actions in this life. With that understanding, with that armor, I pray daily to be humble. To not judge. To accept and love anyone that wishes to be a part of my life. To stand by them when they need a helping hand; to forgive when mistakes are made, just as the Savior forgives me. My entire professional career I've been surrounded both those of a myriad faiths, beliefs and customs. And I've loved and embraced a multitude of friends from around the world. I would never think less of them for the choices in their lives, nor do I wield my faith as a sword to show them the path I've chosen. If someone is interested, I'm happy to share my thoughts, my faith, the choices I've made. But if they have no interest, that's ok. It won't change our friendship, as it hasn't for any of my friends over the years.