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Hi I'm Harvey

I grew up in Seattle, Washington, and am now the father of 6 sons. I own and operate a Christmas tree farm. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

After graduation from High School, I obtained a degree from the nearby university. However, I had a military obligation and served in the U.S.Army for 5 years. Returning home after Viet Nam, there were few jobs in my chosen profession but I was able to join the police force and retired after 25 years of service. In the meantime, I married the girl of my dreams and raised 6 sons. We live outside a major metropolitan area, in the country, Originally, we raised a few head of cattle for the kids 4H projects. However, we got tired of the cows breaking the fences so we sold all of them and started a Christmas tree farm. We also lease the gardens within the farm for weddings during the summer. Besides planting and maintaining the trees, I built a 2-foot narrow-guage railroad that runs around the perimeter of the farm. It's a mile long and just the track took me over 3 years to complete. I already have 3 cars that are 5ft X 20ft and am just waiting for the locomotives to be completed. Hopefully they will be done by tree-season. A friend just gave me a rail-scooter and my grandkids love to ride it. My kids all live locally so I see or talk to them on a daily basis. We are expecting another granddaughter in November so everyone is excited. All of the boys are gainfully employed. They are hard-working and good husbands and fathers. Our primary social events revolve around the family and church activities

Why I am a Mormon

 When I was about 16, I asked the pastor of our church to explain the "Trinity." He told me it was like a cloud; the Father, Son and Holy Ghost all wraped-up together. I knew this was baloney and didn't go back to church 25 years. 15 years into a marriage, with 4 sons, my wife decided she was gay and filed for divorce. I was devistated and didn't know what to do. In the depths of my despare and being at the end of my rope, I decided to pray for help. I promised Heavenly Father that if he gave me my children, I would bring them up in a christian church. Well, He not only answered my prayer but he gave me the house and child-support. Now, I had to live-up to my end of the bargain so I contacted my sister who had investigated every church in the area while attending the university. She too knew that the doctrine our pastor was preaching was bogus. She had visited a friend in Salt Lake City and after touring Temple Square, got in-touch with the missionaries back home, took the lessons and joined the Church. I asked her if she would take the kids to church with her but she said I needed to set the example. She invited all of us attend church with her and have supper at her home afterward, which we did. I got an invitation the next week too. This time my sister told me she was inviting some missionaries and I knew I was going to get religion cramed-down by throat, but I couldn't pass-up supper, now that I was a single parent with 4 kids. Too my relief, the missionaries brought a video. Not knowing anything about the church, we began watching it, the title of which was "The First Vision." Shortly into the video was the answer to that question I had asked 25 years prior. I learned The Father and The Son were seperate personages and we looked just like them. The rest was easy and I was baptized a few weeks later and I baptized my children shortly thereafter. Joining the church was the most important event in my life!

How I live my faith

Joining the Mormon Church is more than just joing a church. I try to live my faith by obeying the teachings of the church and teach them to my kids and grandchildren. Most of our social events revolve around church activities. Everyone knows we are Mormons so it's kind of like living in a fish-bowl. We know friends are curious and watching to see what we do with our life and our children. It's really not hard if we simply practice what we preach and live our faith. I have a big garden and we share our harvest with the community. We have lots of food storage and do a lot of food preservation. I teach classes throughout the community on gardening and fruit trees. I really enjoy home-teaching and families I teach. As I communicate with them, I find that they will share some of their coolest, most personal experiences with me. I make my spiritual messages short and sweet and bear my testimony as to the truth of the lessons, many times with personal stories. During Sunday School, I attend Gospel Essentials for the primary purpose of recharging my core beliefs. I'm what you might call a Vince Lombardi type of guy (a famous football coach) and I work on perfecting the basics, straight out of the scriptures and teachings from the Prophets. One thing I seem to get called for a lot are blessings, both from members and my immediate family. To do this I know the importance of keeping myself worthy to receive inspiration. I also know that as the Patriach of my family I need to keep myself worthy to receive inspiration and revelations for them. Every time I give a blessing I marvel at how fortunate I am to hold the priesthood of God for the benefit of others. I'm a Mormon and proud of it!