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Hi I'm Carob

I'm a mother, an actress,a modern- day Cinderella, I throw a great party! and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in the foster system spending most of my childhood moving from place to place. I don't know my father and was not wanted by my mother. In 9 years I lived in 18 homes, and was always a stranger. My happiness came from reading books and imagining I was in them. My escape came from theater. Out of sheer determination I graduated high school went to college and studied at a theater conservatory. My passion is theater and teaching or inspiring others that they can be more than what is expected. I don't resent my childhood because it gives me a strong sense of empathy! I hate to see other people hurting, especially children. My husband is my Prince Charming we have one beautiful three year old boy and are currently dealing with secondary infertility and PCOS. I'm fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with the monkey. On occasion I do some independent film acting. I also love to throw party's. My friends have always been my family and there is nothing like a gathering of good people, good food, and great conversation, especially if you add dancing and lights!

Why I am a Mormon

Being a Mormon gives me purpose. I love that we are literally God's children, growing up without family makes it extra special to know that I am a BELOVED child of God, With a divine purpose and a divine destiny. I know that just as I hurt when my child gets hurt my Heavenly father feels my pain and aches for me as well. It's refreshing to not have to wander around aimlessly picking my morals by what society says is right. I love that my life is altered because I finally have true worth! Because I finally have the TRUTH! The scriptures tell us that "man is that he might have joy" who wouldn't want that?! I love that our church is based solely on the scriptures we do what the scriptures say and thats that. We don't pick and chose what "rules' to follow. Jesus said "If you love me follow my commands" not just the ones you like. I love that in this murky world of lacking values. We still have a clear path! That I am mormon is somewhat remarkable considering the fact that I grew up around people that were quite anti-mormon. In youth groups I saw propaganda films and was told that mormons where racist. I was told "they worship Joseph Smith" none of this could be farther from the truth. Christ is the head of our church, I believe that any "Christian who just reads the book of Mormon will convert" because they will see it doesn't go against the teachings of the Bible. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. It calls you only to have a closer deeper relationship with Heavenly Father and His Son. I love that the people who serve in the church are called to it and not paid. I think motivation can get a little iffy when the congregation is paying for a private jet. All of the positions on local levels are volunteer and done out of love and service to our Heavenly father! I believe that our church is true because I've had the same question. "Which church do I join, when they're all Christian but believe different things?

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to do what is right. I do not always do it perfectly, but I try to always do my best. I believe our greatest purpose the reason that we are here is to be each others angels. I serve when asked and look for ways to help where I can. I think that to simply love one another is our task, whether that be driving someone who needs a ride, making a meal or just smiling at someone who seems like they need it. My goal is to bring joy and sunshine where I go. I feel so blessed that I get to teach my child the same thing! Now, please don't think I think that I'm perfect! While that is a goal, it doesn't always happen, I get mad, and sometimes say things I shouldn't. I can be judgmental, and I can hold a grudge just like and probably more than many others, but I live my faith by turning to God and asking Him to help me do better to be a better person. "Love all people at all times in all situations" this is my aspiration. When I practice this I know that Heavenly Father is pleased. My ultimate goal is just to hear Him say"well-done"!