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Hi I'm Rick

A regular guy and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a lucky husband to a wonderful woman who becomes more beautiful every day. I'm a father to three talented and beautiful daughters and a great son in law who despite giving me gray hair, I wouldn't trade any of them for the world. We have fun together and I love them all very much. Mine is an adventerous spirit. I love to discover and experience new things. My hobbies include fishing, photography, painting, tinkering with cars, cooking and gardening and while I'm not very good at any of them, its fun to try. I love to experience the variety and wonder of this world - to wander off the beaten path, travel and discover new places, try new foods. Years ago I earned a degree in Design Engineering. Since then I've worked as an engineer in different parts of the country developing and inventing new products. I feel very blessed to get paid to do what I enjoy. Sometimes I struggle with the stresses of life just like anyone else. I worry, get mad, sad and every other emotion we all experience but in the end I try not to take life or myself too seriously. I love sci-fi movies, college football and baseball games. I love the mountains, the ocean, fishing and most especially spending time with my wife. I don't like doing dishes or mowing the lawn but I do them occasionally because I know they make my wife happy.

Why I am a Mormon

I feel and believe that we have a purpose for being on this earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, that he lived and died for you and I; that He was perfect and while He doesn't expect us to be perfect, true happiness comes from following His example and trying to be like Him. That this life is not about what we aquire, who we know or what worldly accomplishments we make, but rather what we learn and how we treat our fellow man. It is about seeking after the truth, living up to our responsibilities, choosing the right and doing good. Those things make up the very special and rewarding thing it is to be a Mormon. By taking the small steps of exercising faith, praying, serving and loving my family and others, I understand that this is truly why we are here. We have a Heavenly Father who loves us just like my earthly father loves me and just as I love each of my own children. By following the example of His Son, making good choices and listening, He will guide me just like my earthly father does and hopefully as I can do for my kids. All that I am, all that is good, I owe to the gospel of Jesus Christ and loving parents. Being a Mormon, I've learned where true, deep and enduring hapiness comes. Am I a Mormon? ...true blue, through and through.

How I live my faith

In addition to my job as an engineer, I serve in a non-paid position in our church as a counselor to the bishop or leader of our congregation. I enjoy the work and love the people we serve. I'm able to see their lives improve and the understanding of their purpose in life deepen as they learn to serve others and forget themselves. I am able to experience those same things as I serve the Savior and them. I try my best to be an example to my children and others of kindness, honesty and integrity. I follow the example of my father who taught me those same principles. Although far from perfect and it is difficult at times, I like to think I make a little progress each day. When I fail, I try to correct my mistakes and move on. Unfortunately being imperfect, that happens more often than I would prefer. I also know however that its never too late to make corrections, start anew and get back on the path. I enjoy leading a volunteer organization at work. We've helped at food banks, women and children's shelters and schools in our community. One of my favorite memories was volunteering to help clean up after a significant flood in our area. It was gratifying to see people's faces when we showed up, rolled up our sleeves and helped clean up. True hapiness for me lies in making good choice and serving others.

How do I become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church)?

First I think it is important to examine why you'reinterested in joining the church. You may know members who you respect for their values or you may have seen the churches commercials that reflect those same values. You may have attended a meeting or heard about the church from a friend. You may even know a member(s) of the church who aren't necessarily very good examples and as a result have questions. The important thing to do is to experience it for yourself. Attend meetings and listen to the missionaries. Talk it over with your friends. Listen to those who are both sympathetic and non-sympathetic to the church. Try to understand their motivation. Take it slow, study and pray, listen to your heart. But do it for the right reasons - because you want to know the truth. Listen to the message most importantly and pay less attention to the messenger. The fact is, Mormons are human just like everyone else. The fact that we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints means that while we've made committments to try to live virtuous lives, we still make plenty of mistakes. We try to overcome them and become better and that is what Christ's church does - makes its members better. Someone once said "the church makes bad men good and good men better'. You have the ability to recognize the truth. All men and women have this gift from a loving Father. If you study, pray and have faith, you will recognize the truth. You will want to be better. Come and be better. Show more Show less