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Hi I'm Lena

I play the piano, I paint, I have survived a rare and fatal illness, and I'm a mormon:)

About Me

I was born and raised in Southern California. I grew up surfing and swimming. I went to college to be an elementary teacher, but in my senior year, I became very ill and moved to Washington to be near immediate family. After four surgeries and alot of healing, I have learned to live with the changes in my life brought on by chronic illness and have learned to see the blessings amidst the hard times. Because of my illness, I have been motivated to teach myself to paint, knit, make decorative cakes and to master some difficult pieces on the piano. I am now a Nanny for TWO sets of twins and that has been very fulfilling work for me.I truly believe that challenges in life can help shape us into a stronger and more beautiful person. If we allow God to guide our path and trust in His love for us, there is nothing that can hold us back!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised as a mormon, However, my father and many of my family members are not mormon. In a way, I was able to grow up seeing how the gospel of Jesus Christ enriched my life and the differences in the lives of my family who didn't have it. My parents divorced when I was a teenager. It wasn't an easy time. But knowing that I had a Father in Heaven who loves me and knows my needs helped me to get through a very lonely time. In my early 20's, I stopped going to church for a couple years. I thought I had to figure some things out on my own, but in that time, I felt something missing. I got on my knees and prayed to God to help me come near to Him again and to make friends in the Church. I soon met a girl who had just gotten home from serving a full-time mission for our church. I listened to her speak in church and talk about how happy she was and how everything in life looked more beautiful to her because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I felt tears come down my cheeks. I felt warmth. I wanted to be like that and have those feelings of joy again. Since then, that girl and i have become very good friends. Having good friends who uplift you and believe in you is SO important. The choices they make will affect you. Having friends with high standards has blessed my life. In 2006, I became very sick with a rare illness. It changed my whole life. For a long time I wondered why I had to go through it, but over time, I saw how many beautiful lessons I learned because of it. It helped me to pray to my father in Heaven more. It helped me to understand that we have a loving Savior who understands our pain and that God has provided a plan of Happiness for us, His children, to help us return to live with him again. I KNOW that God knows each of our needs personally. He has created us with limitless potential. He wants the best for us and loves us unconditionally. My life has peace and meaning because I know our purpose here and where to turn for strength and happiness!

How I live my faith

Being a mormon is a way of life. It is like one big family and no matter where you go, you can always seem to find a mormon church somewhere. I love the fact that every member is given an opportunity to serve in some capacity and that no assignment is considered above another, but that we are all in this together. None of our church leaders get paid. They serve because they love the Lord. Our full-time missionaries save up and pay their own way, so that they can go throughout the world and share this message of joy. That is how much they believe in it! I have been blessed to serve in different ways as a local missionary and teacher. Currently, I am serving as a pianist for our choir and it has been a great way to be challenged with my music and to feel the Spirit of God through song. But in everyday life, it is also a blessing. I know that I can have a prayer in my heart no matter where I am. When I have been very sick, I am able to call on Home Teachers, who are men that hold the priesthood and will come to my home and will give me a special blessing of health and comfort. I am on this site sharing all these things now, because I simply want others to know of the joy and assurance I have in my life because of my faith. Sometimes I see crazy things going on in the world and how unhappy and empty some people's lives are. I wish they could see and know that our Heavenly Father has a plan for them and that He has provided the purest and truest path to happiness. Our church has a strong sense of family and we know that we can be with them eternally. And every kind of family is welcome, whether that be single parent homes, widows, or big families. Everyone belongs. There is always some fun activity going on too, whether its sports, craft activities, or learning how to have food storage in your home. Christ is the center of our lives, but there is also a balance of all good things. We still have bbq's and go swimming and to baseball games etc.. We are real people

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

I have chosen to answer this question because my parents are divorced and although I have never been married myself, I have learned SO much about the importance of family relationships and friendships. I have observed couples and families that I know who are members of the church and I see how their daily commitments and habits bring their family closer together.It has given me hope that I can also have that someday. My neighbors are also mormon and they are a sweet young family just starting out. I love the feeling I have when I enter their home. There is alot of love and peace there. Its like a refuge from the outside world. Each night, they read a verse of scripture with their 2 year old little girl and then get on their knees and pray with her. Sometimes both the mom and dad will sing a song to her as they put her to bed. They do things together as a team. I see how the husband is very aware and attentive to his wife's needs, how he tries to spend quality time with their little girl. How they frequently do activities together as a family, like go on walks, or plant a garden. I feel so much more prepared for my future family because I know that centering the home on Christ will always help us to grow together. We can turn to his example for guidance and how to treat one another. We can grow with our spouse through good and bad times when we pray together and serve eachother. There are no guarantees, but centering our lives on Jesus Christ is a sure foundation at home. Show more Show less