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Hi I'm David

I'm a father of three. I'm a nature lover. I love to fish (but still learning). I love to garden, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a father of three, finance professional. I've gone back to school after building a career, and have shifted my scholastic focus to psychology because of my love for people. I enjoy counseling with others (either as the counselor, or the counseled). I'm a transplant to the northwest and have come to greatly appreciate the land and all it provides. Since moving here I've gained experience and appreciation for fishing, crabbing, clamming, as well as gardening and food preservation (canning and the likes). I've harvested wild blackberries to make jam, and smoked salmon that I caught myself in local waters. I also grow my own herbs and vegetables. I make pickles and braid garlic. My idea of a perfect lifestyle would be a lovely cottage on one of the local islands with some land to harvest food and raise animals. But don't mistake my "granola" interests to mean that I can't appreciate the city life. I have lived in several large metropolitan areas in my life, and love most things that a big city has to offer. That's why I love the northwest so much. I can be within minutes of a big city like Seattle, but still live in the country surrounded by nature.

Why I am a Mormon

My original membership was due to my heritage. I was born into the church and baptized a member at the age of 8 (as is appropriate in our faith as we do not practice infant baptism). During my youth I attended church meetings and learned the doctrines of the church. At age 19 I made the decision to serve a full time mission for the church and was called to serve the German people for two years. I had many incredible experiences on my mission in southern Germany (Munich, Stuttgart and many small dorfs). After my mission I made decisions that led me away from the church. I spent nearly 10 years living a lifestyle contrary to the teachings of the church. I did not attend church during that period, nor did I pray or make any real effort to stay close to my Heavenly Father or His Son. I lost my way on many levels. Then I met a young woman who was intriguing to me, and we started to date. After a time we discovered that each of us had been raised in the church and that neither of us had been "active" in the church for a long time. Through a series of difficult challenges that we endured together we made the decision to attend a sacrament meeting one Sunday (the main focus of LDS Sunday worship services). As we approached that front door to the building I felt the influence of the Holy Spirit so strongly that I could not contain nearly 10 years worth of tears and emotion. I wept as that sweet spirit spoke to me the words "welcome home". I felt as the prodigal son returning to a loving father. So I returned to full activity in the church. I married that intriguing girl, and we married each other in the temple of our God. Our marriage is an eternal one that does not end with death. Our children are born into that eternal covenant meaning that if we exercise righteousness and obedience we can truly be a family forever. No prospect brings me more joy than that.

How I live my faith

My family and I attend weekly meetings each Sunday. I also have a "calling" (an assignment) to teach a weekly class for recovering addicts. I do this on a volunteer basis and I love the interactions that I have with people who are struggling with those things that beset so many of us. This class is structured on the 12 step program, but emphasizes the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the most effective way to manage our behaviors. I also make an effort to pray and study the scriptures each day. Our spirits need nourishment much like our bodies need food. If I neglect "feeding" my spirit it impacts my overall health. I don't feel right, and I begin to lose that connection to the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is one of the most important things our Father in Heaven has given to us in this day. It is a guide to us, it helps us, and is expressed through the feelings of our heart. Without this gift I would be lost.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Oh yes, I believe this to be the case with all my heart. I also think this is a tiding of great joy in the tumult of the world today. If any people have been "wandering in the wilderness" it is our society in these times. We are bombarded with conflicting messages from the media and attempts all around us to undermine basic moral structure in our society. We have never had a greater need for a Moses than we have today. In our time the modern prophet is Thomas S. Monson, who is the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you're curious about what a modern Moses says to those of us in the world you can easily hear/read his words on this website, or by typing in his name on youtube.com. Show more Show less