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Hi I'm April

I love traditions, playing games, scrapbooking and chocolate. I’m a Mother, and Grandma. I’m a business owner, and I’m a Mormon

About Me

I think if reality shows were “in” when I was growing up my family could have been a big hit. I grew up in a large Mormon family; we had twelve family members in a house not adequate in size, but we made it work. The oldest sibling; my only sister was followed my triplet brothers, followed by three more boys, then me, and then two more boys. Since I was born after six boys, my parents’ named me April, because “I was like a breath of spring”. I married my sweetheart and friend after dating for 6 months. At that time I was working two jobs, and taking college courses. I worked as a dental assistant for over 12 years and until our 3rd child was born after which I became a stay at home mom. That was a huge change, but one that would bless our family tremendously. We learned to live on less, make more out of what we had, and we quickly learned what a “want” was and what a “need” was. 26 years of marriage, 4 children, and 2 grandchildren later we’ve had our trials just like any does, through it all we are a stronger family. Some of my favorite things are spending time with my family, the sun shining, having discussions on just about anything, date night, playing games, traditions, helping others, living what I believe, reading, book club, figuring out puzzles or mysteries, cooking yummy food, movies, traveling, getting to know people, being a friend, going to scrapbook class so my pages will turn out “creative”, and watching a child grow-you know those ah ha moments.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up learning about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I went to church every Sunday with my family and we lived what we learned. I learned that how we lived often made a difference in our lives. I could tell this difference added a measure of peace to our life, especially through our trails. I have known from a very young age that we have a Heavenly Father, he loves me; and that he loves each one of us. We have a Savior, Jesus Christ who suffered for each of our sins; he died for us, so that someday we could return to our Heavenly Father. His gospel has brought me such joy and happiness, strength through my trials, hope in life, and love for my fellow man. It is these truths that make a difference in my life. I love to serve others; Jesus Christ served others and I can come to know him on a more personal level. I do this by I read about Him in scripture, as I learn at church about Him, as I study and learn of His examples of service and love. When I follow His example of serving others I can experience His kind of love; that is charity. I truly desire to know him better. In these ways I can become like him. I love that we have a Prophet, who gives us direction and guidance; he tells us what we need to know to make it through this life in these difficult times. Through my life this has been a huge blessing, as I have followed his guidance I have been blessed. One more support I have is the personal revelation I receive. It is through the Holy Ghost that I can know if what I’m learning is truth. I have felt this many times throughout my life. Another amazing benefit I have in my life is being part of the women’s organization. What an amazing group of women, who do so much good, who give strength and support. Who are truly the “angels among us”. As part of this organization I can go to a monthly meeting where I can make, and build friendships, or I might have an opportunity to teach something I know or learn something new.

How I live my faith

I go visit other sisters each month to see how they are doing, to lend help where needed, to talk with them about life, our love for Jesus Christ, and also a spiritual message and how that can help them in us daily lives. I love to go and see the sister’s I’ve been assigned to see, and we build such friendships. I go to a midweek activity almost every month, like last month we had an activity “speed friend shipping” -it was so great to meet some women I hadn’t met yet. Sometimes I make a meal for a family, or I give a ride to someone who needs one or go I to the hospital to visit someone who is ill or watch someone’s children. My family has Family Home Evening every week. It is a time for us to be together as a family, where we can learn a gospel lesson, share our talents, spotlight a family member, play games, have an activity, and usually a treat of some kind. Everyone takes part and it is a night we cherish, because it strengthens us and build our relationships in a positive way. We discuss the things we are learning with each other on a consistent basis. As a family we pray, read scriptures, have dinner together, do house or yard work, and serve others. We attend church on Sundays. I read my scriptures, pray, go the temple often. I have served in my church by accepting certain assignments that are given to me to accomplish and sometimes I am on a committee where all committee members work together to accomplish the task. I often give monetarily for the welfare of others in my community or when natural disasters strike. I also pay tithing. I participate in humanitarian efforts, for our community, our country and for other countries as well. All of these things help to strengthen my faith, belief, and love for my Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ. My family is stronger because we trust in Them, and Their love for us. We strive to obey their commandments, which brings us peace, happiness, and security.