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Hi I'm Jason Winder

I was born with Hirschsprung's Disease which led to only having 3.2 feet of intestines left and I'm still alive and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born with a rare condition called Hirschsprung's Disease. My entire large bowel and some of my small bowel was removed at the age of two weeks. Throughout my life, scar tissue and other issues (such as bowel obstructions) have left me with only 3 feet of small intestine left. I've had well over 60 surgeries and I need IV nutrition, through a port in my chest that goes to my heart, almost every day to stay alive; and even that just keeps me barely feeling well. I'm at the hospital about 208 days a year for these treatments, but I do not let that slow me or get me down! I do not let my physical limitations dictate my life. I still hike the highest mountains in Colorado, knowing that I'll end up spending more time in the hospital because I push myself so hard. I make goals and stick to them! The feeling of accomplishment at the summit can only be compared to what Heaven will be like when we finally succeed this trial called life and arrive at our eternal goal! All the pains and suffering that we had to push through is instantly forgotten and replaced by the immense joy of victory and accomplishment. I love photography and Geocaching and usually try to combine those with my hikes. I may not be the fastest hiker with my limitations, but I reach the summit of every mountain I climb. I made the goal to hike five 14ers (mountains exceeding 14,000 feet above sea level) this year and I have already hiked four. One more to go... *UPDATE: Goal completed on September 12, 2011!!!

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I know the teachings to be true! I know the healing power of the Priesthood and I know that families are and will be eternally bonded. I'm a Mormon because no matter what trials or suffering or temptations I face; God will be right there with me, suffering with me, lifting me up and waiting to greet me on the other side when that glorious time comes! I know the Book of Mormon is true. I love reading the words of the Prophets, both old and new. I find one of the quickest ways to receive guidance or peace of mind is by reading the scriptures or Ensign articles; accompanied with prayer. Hymns are another great way to feel the spirit and receive guidance throughout life. I haven't always been an active Mormon and I left the church for many years. I am often asked why I came back. What was the one thing that changed my decision. There is no answer that specific that I can give. So far, the best way I can describe my desire to return to the truth and the light is Joy. I missed Joy! There is nothing more comforting than knowing and having a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father and the Joy that follows. As President Uchtdorf often talks of, HOPE is the best thing in the world. Without hope I would have nothing. My health is not great... my abilities are not where I want them to be... I am often very frustrated with my limitations and lack of independence... BUT I have hope! I know that one day I will have rest from my afflictions and I will not have any limitations on my body. That hope is worth more than any riches of this world. It is through Hope that I live life to the fullest to the best of my ability. I know there will be pain. I know there will be consequences, but I also know I have a loving Heavenly Father who will help me carry these burdens because He loves me and wants me to have the most I can get out of life. My life is a gift and I don't want to "hide it under a bushel"; I want to live it and inspire others to do the same!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by living! Medical professionals would have me stay inside and rest at all times and stay "safe" by being inactive, slothful... That is not for me! I live my life to the fullest! Sometimes to my own detriment but I can continue forward knowing that through prayer and help from above; I will succeed in all my wishes and desires. The Gospel and its blessings give what no medicine can... HOPE! I never thought that I'd be able to serve a mission due to my health but when the time came; I received a call to serve in the Massachusetts Boston Mission! I was only able to serve for seven months before having to come home for two major surgeries, but I know I was granted those special months of service by the grace of God. I used to use my health as a reason to lack faith and to be angry at God, but through many of life's lessons I have learned that my trials are for my own good. They have taught me things I would never have learned otherwise, or at least not to the degree that I know them now. I have a strong testimony of humility and service. I know that prayers are heard and I know that they are answered. I know that Christ suffered all things, spiritual and physical and emotional, so that He would know exactly how to comfort us in our lowest moments. He knows how to utilize friends to carry out His work as well. As often as my story has been an inspiration to others; others have been an inspiration to me. I am not a super human or someone special. I am just me. I am here surviving the best way I know how and I will continue to live life to the fullest as long as I can. If that helps someone along the way, then that makes me happy to do it. Helping others actually eases my burdens and pains more than any medicines could ever come close to. Service is the best way to overcome any trial or pain or personal needs.