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Hi I'm Peg Lewis

I grew up in New England. As a child I wanted to know about my ancestors and now I am researching them. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm Peg and all my life I've tried to figure out where I belong, where I want to live. When I was six we moved to another New England town an hour and a half away. I always felt like an outsider. We were away from there for a year because of my father's Army assignment during the Korean War, and then we went back. Later when i went to college a few hours from home, I knew it was temporary. When my husband and I got married we moved all the way across the country for grad school, and I kept waiting for the time till we would go back to what I was used to. Only after 3 years did I get used to the new area - and then it was time to go back to New England for his employment. And so it went for the next many years as we raised our children. I kept looking for the right place, from suburban home to small suburban farm. All this time I loved being a mom, having a small business, reading a lot, growing our own food, and doing my family history research as much as I could back in the days without computers and the internet. And all the while I kept looking and trying things, but never did I feel I was on the right track. One of our greatest joys was singing in a Protestant church, where we had paid soloists from the nearby conservatory. The musical experience was wonderful. But the religion didn't make sense to us, and we left. Then missionaries came to our door and told us about the Mormons. We became members of the church and finally I knew I was home. It's been 34 happy years!

Why I am a Mormon

We were Protestants when our kids were little but were unhappy with that church and decided to leave. Six weeks later, the Mormon missionaries came. I was not happy when my husband said they could come in and share a message with us, and even unhappier when he invited them back. After 3 weeks of folded arms and impatience, I began to listen. This happened when our kids started showing enthusiasm about what was being taught, and when I found out the missionaries had fasted for 24 hours so that we would start reading the Book of Mormon to find out if it was true. I had been feeding these young men and realized that they were good eaters, and the fact they had fasted for us really touched my heart! So I began to listen. We asked the missionaries to come more often. We had thousands of questions and sometimes our lessons lasted several hours! We couldn't get enough of this new way of looking at Christianity, at all of creation. The missionaries brought Mormons from the community to share their stories with us. I was caught up in the complete consistency of the Mormon religion. There was nothing random about it. It was logical, even in spiritual matters. It was internally consistent. The pieces all fit together. I was intrigued. I read the Book of Mormon. At first I found it weird and couldn't see the point. But then I read 3 Nephi and found an excellent description of Christ's crucifixion, and for the first time it made sense to me. I had the beginning of a testimony. I made a few false starts with praying to find out if the Book of Mormon was true. I had learned I couldn't join the church until I knew. I realized I might not make the grade to be a Mormon! Finally with real intent I knelt down and asked God if it was true. And i received a distinct answer in the positive. I felt incredible elation and calmness at the same time. I felt an urgency to be baptized. Two months after the missionaries came we were baptized. That was 33 years ago, the best years!

How I live my faith

Church is an everyday experience for us. Each morning my husband and I start the day with reading the scriptures and having a couples' prayer. As we go about our day, I keep in touch with church friends - the members of our town I know best and care the most about - through Facebook, walks we take together, and projects we share. We also have a club where we can report our daily exercise, just for the fun of sharing and the incentive to keep active it gives us. One church assignment we have is to help others with their family history. We were blessed to be able to volunteer at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City for a year and a half, so now we share the knowledge we gain with others in our local area. We were also be able to teach English in China as a service project. One great joy is to be on assignment to visit members in their homes every month. And members visit us monthly. In this way we get to know each other better and appreciate our differences more, and find new friends. Just the other day a new friend asked if she could come over to cut some flowers from our garden to take to her elderly mother-in-law. We had plenty to spare, and were happy she felt she could ask. One of the greatest joys is to have discussions of spiritual matters at church during one of the classes we enjoy each week. We also enjoy hearing talks on gospel subjects weekly too. The women's organization is a particular favorite of mine. Each month we have lessons, a luncheon, and opportunities to provide food for a family with a new baby or give a ride to someone without a car. We also have several members in nursing homes and many of us take turns going to visit them and read to them. One friend in particular loves to hear articles from church magazines. I love the fact that we are the church. Everyone does something and no one gets paid. We're all important to the church and the church is important to all of us.