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Hi I'm Gary

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in a small town in Utah near a large lake. My mother was a member, but my father was not.

About Me

I am an engineer, but I don't drive a train. I work in aerospace and help design satellites to operate in outer space. My specialty is keeping all the spacecraft elements operating within their allowable temperatures; that is a real challenge in outer space. Many of the satellites I worked on are orbiting the earth and also Mars. I am a father and a grandfather; my wife and I have been married for more than 52 years. We have 5 kids, 27 grandkids and 2 great-grandkids. I was retired for 10-years and they called me back to work and I enjoy it. I love my family and enjoy being with all of them. I use computers in my work and also for many personal hobbies. I love to fish and be outdoors.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church, but was not active for my younger years. I had to find out for myself that the Church was true and I struggled for a while. When I was about 16 yrs old, I had a very personal experience with our Heavenly Father that changed my life. I was searching ernestly to find out if all the things that were reported to have happened to Joseph Smith were true. Our Father in Heaven answered my questions in a very special way and gave me a testimony of Him, of the Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. He is very real and interested in all of us since we are his children. This testimony has grown and grown through continued experiences and through service in the church. My father asked me if I had seen God and I said I had sensed his presence so close that I felt I could reach out and touch Him. There is no doubt in my mind as to the existence of our Father in Heaven. Everything I see in nature and in science and astronomy confirms this and shows His handiwork.

How I live my faith

I served a full-time mission for the church among the Navajo Indians. I learned to speak Navajo very well and learned to love these people. The Navajo and other tribes I worked with, Hopi, Zuni, Souix, etc, all have detailed traditions that are very close to that recorded in the Book of Mormon. This book is a religious record of their ancestors that re-inforces and parallels Bible teachings. It tells of the Savior visiting and teaching them after his curcificion and ressurection in Jerusalem. They all have traditions of this "Great White Father" that visited them and they are looking for him to return. In fact, the Navaho all have their doors facing East because they say when he comes again that is the way He will come. They tell us we must have broken off from their people long ago because we have so much that is common. I continue to serve in many callings in the Church including priesthood leader, Bishop, and instructor. All of these strengthen me and my family.

What do Mormons believe about Jesus Christ? Do Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

Jesus Christ is the liternal Son of God. He is our Savior By his Atonement, which includes his suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane and by giving His life on the cross, He paid for our sins if we repent. Through His resurrection, he overcome death and we will all be given the gift of resurection, that is our spirits will be eternally re-united with our bodies (Acts 24:15, 1 Corinthians 15:22). When this life is over Jesus Christ will be the final judge (Acts 17:31, John 5:21-22, Acts 10:42). After His resurrection, He appeared to the ancestors of the American Indian and taught them HIs gospel. Show more Show less