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Hi I'm Penni

I'm a Mormon. I'm a mother, a nurse, a chocolate lover. I love learning.

About Me

I'm a mother that lives in the car every afternoon getting everyone to and from the mutiple events in our life. I have three daughters who are all involved in music and sports. I enjoy watching them grow and progress in their talents and in there lives. I have been a nurse for almost 20 years and enjoy being in a field that is an intellctual interest and strength as well as a field that serves and cares for others. I enjoy meeting new people and learning from their lives, backgrounds, cultures and adversities. I have learned that people are much more alike than we are different. I wish the world could truly understand that we are each others brothers and sisters and are all members of our Heavenly Fathers family. I think the world could be much more loving if we all understood that principle. I love chocolate and the only gift I ask from my husband for holidays is 1pound of See's chocolates. I think he gets off very easy but truly I would rather have chocolate than jewelry. I'd like my retirement job to be working at a chocolate store. I also love nature. My husband knows that if we visit a new place the itinerary often includes going to a local garden. If I serve a mission in the future I'd love it to be on temple square in the landscaping department. I love the motto from small and simple things come great things because really I feel like I am just a regular mom just trying to do the best I can in life to make a difference in the lives of those most important to me.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a mormon home and was taught the gospel from the time I was young. It wasn't until I left home for college that I truly questioned why I was a mormon. This was the time in my life that I asked myself if I really believed the teachings independant from my parents influence. I spent my first year of college pondering these things and came to realize on my own that I believed all that I had been taught and once that understanding took place every decision after that has been in line with living the gospel. A few years ago a test of this faith came after the death of my younger brother who was 32 years old and it was an unexpected loss. Everything I had come to believe up to that time was then a question to me. Do I believe there is life after death. Do I believe that life here has purpose and meaning? Do I believe all the various aspects of the gospel? Do I believe that families can together forever? This experienc ultimately strengthened my beliefs. The gospel is the only thing that brought peace, comfort, stength and direction in such a sad time of loss. Realization came that if I didn't have the gospel I had nothing and any other idea or concept left nothing but an empty feeling inside. I am a mormon because I truly know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that there is a reason and purpose to what we do and who we become here. I learned that through the basic things our church encourages us to do. Praying daily, reading the scriptures daily, attending church and partaking of the sacrament and many other actions. Living the gospel is the way to knowing the truth of the gospel. Being mormon should be a verb because it is through our actions we show we believe in Jesus Christ not just through saying that we believe.

How I live my faith

Mormon women are BUSY women. I am no exception. There is no lack of responsibility or expectations in our role within the church. When those not of our faith criticize that mormon women do not play a significant role because we don't hold the priesthood I shake my head and wish they could follow us for even a day. Our roles are different from our husbands but both are so important. I would not trade any moment that I have witnessed my husband giving my daughters blessings from the time they were newborns through now as teenager daughters. It is a tender experience to witness a father speaking in such loving tender ways to his daughters. It is his responsibility to be a priesthood leader in our home but parenting and family decisions are made by both of us. If I could put in one word what I have done the most within the church through callings and with my own family it would "teaching." I have taught young children gospel lessons and spiritual music. I have taught teenage girls to understand who they are as daughters of a Heavenly Father and what their influence has on others. I have taught women in our church through monthly events on every topic that can improve their home and family. I am now teaching the gospel lessons on Sundays to those same women. I also teach on a monthly basis to 3 different women in their own homes. We become wonderful friends that way and they teach me many things as well. Our family has the chance to teach each other every Monday night for family night. Teaching brings understanding because of the preparing involved to be able to teach someone else. I would invite any woman who loves her family and who loves the Lord to seek out a mormon woman within their neighborhood to explain what we know about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just flag us down in between carpooling and church meetings and we will happily rearrange our crazy schedules to sit down and visit about the gospel and what it means in our lives.