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Hi I'm Tanner Zornes

I am a Senior in Highschool. I dive for my high school team. I enjoy running and being active. I am a mormon

About Me

If I were to classify myself into a stereotype, my stereotype would have to be the "sporty-nerd." I love sports. My favorite ball sport being basketball by far. I am a sprinter and jumper in track also. Some people say I jump high for a white guy. I love the feeling of the wind rushing past me when running. It's just a great feeling. I am a nerd because I use the computer and play with my friends online. I try my best to not be on a console for too long in one day. However, I usually end up doing homework more than anything else. I do parkour. I started the hobbie with my best friend while we were still in middle school. One of the first things we accomplished was landing a standing front flip on the ground. When my friend moved, we practiced parkour less often. Lately however, I have been practicing vaults, rolls, and flips on my own. I feel that I have been progressing slowly, but I still do parkour because of the fun challenge it is for me. Some things people do not know about me is that I dive for my school. I am not the best diver because I struggle to be in the correct form after the flips, but I still love the activity

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Mormon Church. As a child, I was quite disruptive in sacrament meeting. I just could not stop talking! I felt the need to try and be funny. (and I was not) It was'nt until my oldest brother returned from his mission, where he taught me a life long lesson of using my time wisely. Soon after this climax, I began to work on my behavior. I began reading the Book of Mormon also. I started out in a random chapter and read from there to the very last page of the book. During that time of reading, I had a sincere change of heart towards the gospel. I prayed one night after finishing the Book of Mormon for a testimony of the church. The answer came to me as a feeling that I would describe as a burning white fire. Like the feeling of standing over a campfire, accept the warmth did not burn... Since that time, I have done my best to continue living the gospel standards. Sure, I have stumbled many times during my journey, but the Atonement our savior has provided for us allows me to get forget my misdeeds and strive to be stronger next time. I have learned over time that I am the happiest when I live the church's standards. My friends think that because I am Mormon, I have no choice in what I want to do socially. I can't have a girlfriend, I can't party all night, I can't swear, and many other restrictions they think the church forces on me. But the reality is that I make the choices not to swear, to be tied into a relationship and all those other decisions. The reason why I make these choices is not because my church asked me to, but because I am the happiest when I choose not to do those things. I continue to try and be the best person I can today. I know that there will come a time, sooner or later, when someone will need me to help them in whatever trial they have. With this said, I have to be prepared to lend a hand in any way possible. Being a Mormon helps me grow spiritually and phyically so that I can be ready to help those in time of their need.

How I live my faith

Some people literally think I am crazy. I wake up at 4:40 every weekday to go to my early morning church class. In these classes, we study our scriptures and discuss things that we have learned from what we have read. I find the church classes to be a great strength for myself. It is quite ironic because I have learned that I am more awake at school when I go to seminary compared not going to seminary and resting. In my ward branch, I am a priest and I am the first assistant to the Bishop. My job as a priest is to break and bless the sacrament. I must also watch over the members of the church and help give service in any way possible. As the first assistant, I conduct youth meetings in the ward and help the Bishop when he is in need of my assistants. I am also a part of the Youth Dance Committee. We meet once every month and discuss themes for our dances. I love church dances because of the fun music they play, the members and non-members who attend, and if I may say, the pretty girls that I have the opportunity to dance with. ;)

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

Tanner Zornes
Our bodies are a gift from God. As we take care of our bodies, it shows our love for God. We know that the power of the Holy Ghost can be felt by everyone. It is most noticeably felt when we keep ourselves clean, inside and out, just like a temple. If you were to walk through a building that is covered in trash, overflowing garbage cans, flies galore, and a couple animals running around, would you want to stay there long? The same thing happens with the Holy Ghost. We want to keep our bodies in such a way that is wholesome, clean, and healthy so that the Holy Ghost would feel more welcome upon dwelling with us. Show more Show less