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Hi I'm Lisa

I live in Arizona. I am busy mom who loves her two kiddos. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Ogden, UT, the oldest of 3 children. When I was 21-years-old, I was called to serve a full-time mission for our church. I was assigned to learn to speak Laotian so that I could help the refugees from Laos who were living in the Fresno, CA area. What a tremendous blessing that was! I love the peoples of Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. I was sent to teach them who Jesus Christ is, but they taught me how to follow Him! I will be eternally grateful! Now I am 39-years-old, married and living in Arizona. I have a bachelor's degree from Northern Arizona University but I get to stay home with our two beautiful children. My husband and I had to wait a long time for that opportunity though. After 9 long years of waiting - lots of doctors, lots of medications, LOTS of money, lots of tears, lots of prayers and lots of faith, we were finally blessed with two amazing children. They are the light in my day. My favorite sound is to hear them laughing together and my favorite activity is doing anything together as a family. There are other things about this life I love...Autumn leaves, pumpkin scented candles, Thai food, sushi, laughing, sunsets, snuggling with my kiddos, scientific discoveries, astronomy, a clean house and days with no time commitments - to name a few. Above all else, I love our Savior Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven. They make all of my favorite things possible and worthwhile.

Why I am a Mormon

While growing up in Northern Utah, I learned to love climbing mountains. I felt so close to our Father in Heaven each time I trekked up a dusty path or looked out from a lofty mountain peak. Those mountains became symbolic to me of my life here on earth. Life has offered me many mountains to climb. But with each mountain, I have grown closer to our Savior Jesus Christ as I have grown to recognize Him climbing right beside me. He was with me as I climbed mountains the represented the deaths of each of my parents. He was with me as I climbed the infertility mountain I mentioned earlier. He has been with me on so many other mountains and I know He will continue to be with me no matter what mountain I find myself climbing next. I have stood on many mountain peaks and as I have looked out over the breathtaking views before me, my conviction that God is my Father has sunk deeper and deeper into my soul. I know I am His daughter. I know He sent me here to learn and grow so I could progress eternally. I know I can live with Him again someday. I know He cares for me, watches over me and is interested in my life - even to the tiniest detail. I have stood on many spiritual mountain peaks as well. These peaks have even greater breathtaking views. It has been while standing on these peaks that I have come to grasp the love our Savior has for us. I know our Father in Heaven sent His Son Jesus Christ to help each one of us make it Home. Our Savior wants to walk each path with us. He will climb the steep rocky trails with us as well as the well paved, easy trails. I am grateful for the doctrinal teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Climbing to life's mountain peaks with an understanding of who we are on that trail, why we are on that trail and where that trail is leading us, makes all the difference. This understanding can even help us find great joy and peace even along the toughest of trails.

How I live my faith

At this time, I help out in the special women's organization we have in our church. This organization is called the Relief Society. It is the largest women's organization in the world with every LDS congregation, all over the world, sustaining its own branch of this organization. As a world wide organization, the Relief Society, seeks to offer relief to anyone who may need help for whatever reason - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are trained, encouraged and taught to be a disciple of Jesus Christ every day and do those things the Savior would have us do. It is an honor to belong to an organization which seeks to build up women, encouraging us to be independent, intelligent, hard working, insightful and compassionate people. As part of this organization, each woman is assigned to visit 3-4 specific women within the congregation on a monthly basis. We call this Visiting Teaching. As we visit with these women, we check on their physical and spiritual needs, have a spiritual discussion and develop life long friendships. Last month, as I visited the women in my care, I sat with one woman who is struggling to find a job to help support her family. I sat with a woman who is about to have a baby, while at the same time taking care of her three older children. I also sat with a women who is desiring to have more faith in God and in herself. Each of these women is a daughter of God and each need Him in their lives. We prayed and read the scriptures together. We also worked out some plans that might assist these women in their individual needs. I hope and pray I can be a support to each of these women as they are climbing their own spiritual mountains, as mentioned above.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

When I was 5-years-old my dad died. I remember the morning of my dad's funeral. My mom sat my little brother and I down on the couch and talked to us again about our belief in life after death. She explained that we all lived in Heaven before this earth life and that we can all live with him again after this life. Even as a very small girl, I knew that she was telling the truth. I knew that even though I no longer had a dad on earth, I had a father in Heaven who loved me. I believed with all of my little girl heart that God was my Father. From that day on, I have had many experiences in which I have felt very close to our loving Father in Heaven. When I pray sincerely, I feel a warmth in my heart and know He is close. When I read the scriptures, I feel His love and strength fill my heart. When I serve others, I feel His love. He helps me see others the way He sees them and then I know that we are all spirit brothers and sisters with a very loving Father in Heaven. When I look around me and pay attention to the beauty of the world in which we live, I feel the majesty and power of His love. I believe that if we will open our hearts in sincere prayer and ask Him to help us get to know Him better, we will be blessed with opportunities to feel close to Him. He is the perfect Father. What father wouldn't want to have a stronger relationship with his child? If it is what we desire, He will bless us with the reassuring knowledge that He is real and He loves us. Show more Show less