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Hi I'm Mike Steskal

Originally from Staten Island, N.Y., I am married with 4 daughters living in Texas. I question everything and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Staten Island, N.Y. After my parents divorced, I moved to New Jersey with my mother. I spent most of my childhood shuffling between Staten Island and various towns in NJ. Over the years, I have lived in NY, FL, NJ, UT, HI, NV, CO, MI, TX, Korea, Taiwan, and China. My mother joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, after she divorced my father, when I was 7 years old. Nonetheless, I spent my childhood in a predominately Catholic family and even went to Catholic school. My wife and I met in college. After we married, we traveled around the world as much as possible working and continuing our education. Although we are now the parents of 4 daughters, ages 7 to 14, and we can no longer pickup and travel to another country on a whim, we have tried to instill the same sense of adventure in our daughters. We spend a lot of our time supporting them in their educational, athletic, musical, and church activities in an attempt to raise intelligent, strong, and confident young women. And, when we can, we still go out on family adventures. Professionally, I work in international logistics. Although this is not what I thought I would wind up doing when I was in graduate school, I have found it interesting and it provides for my family. Recently, my wife and I also started our own import business hoping that someday it might give us the financial freedom to to provide for our family, serve the Lord, and continue our adventure.

Why I am a Mormon

If someone tells me to do something, I question their authority. If someone tells me to believe something, I question why. This is one of the reasons why I am a Mormon. My testimony in the restoration of Christ's church is not based on what I was told, but rather, it is based on what I have found to be true based on my own prayer, study, and experiences. My mother was not always active in the faith and growing up she never forced me to attend. I was 16 years old before I decided I wanted to experiment with my faith. I had noticed that my most difficult times occurred when I strayed away from the teachings of Christ. So, in an attempt to be happier, I decided to experiment with the words of Christ as taught by the prophets. Little by little, over time, my testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ increased, my relationship with the Savior grew, and I became happier. I know God lives and I know that he loves me because I have felt his loving influence in my life. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer because I have studied, prayed, and felt the Holy Spirit testify this truth to me. I have felt the influence of the Savior in my life and cannot deny His existence. I know that the Bible and the Book of Mormon is the word of God because I have read them both, felt the Holy Spirit testify to me as I read, and I have witnessed their truth as I have applied the principles they teach. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God because I have studied what he has revealed to us from God and I cannot deny its truth.

How I live my faith

The restored gospel of Jesus Christ brings peace and direction into my life. When the hectic, face-paced, and often difficult trials in my life test my strength and fortitude, I can lean on my Savior for strength. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is more than a church, it is a way of life. My life centers around my wife and children. The family is the primary unit in our church, everything else is an extension of the family. We try to have daily family prayer and scripture study. Once a week we have Family Home Evening, where we sing, pray, teach the words of Christ, discuss family business, and enjoy spending time with each other. Once a month, I sit down with each child individually, and in private, and counsel with them on a spiritual level. As member of the church, we are encouraged to serve. I serve as a leader in the local men's group, my wife serves in the women's group, and my daughter is a leader in the young women's group. As such, I have done things like organize a group to help a family move, make sure an elderly widow's grass is mowed, and assist our leadership to try to assure no one is forgotten. My wife makes sure all the women in our congregation have had someone reach out to them in fellowship every month. My daughter helps organize youth activities. On a more personal level, I try to read the scriptures and pray every day. I am constantly looking for guidance from the Lord to help me though the trials of life. I often go to the Lord in prayer for help and guidance. Then, I listen for his answer in the words of the scriptures, or in times of self reflection as I drive home from work with the radio off. I also look forward to worshipping on Sunday, receiving the sacrament, and renewing my covenants with the Lord. On Sunday, I gain much of the strength and guidance we all need to become better spouses, parents, friends, and neighbors.