What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Casey

I love Jesus Christ and was baptized as a member of HIS Church!!

About Me

I'm elder evans and speak terrible spanish.. but i love outdoors and I find peace in knowing that Jesus Christ is my Savior, Redeemer, Prince of peace, creator, the judge, the only begotten, Jehova, my older brother, my example, and my best friend. And it just makes it even better to know that he has his church on the earth and through that church and the authority that is held in that church I can return to live with him, my earthly family, and my father in heaven!

Why I am a Mormon

Because God told me this is his church, the reason I stayed is because I studied for myself and didn't take the word of the man that stands in the front of the chapel, and found out that Jesus really did put a church on the earth with a specific authority to baptize. That authority was lost but through the calling of the prophet Joseph Smith it was restored and I have it and honor it. I baptized an eleven year old girl two days ago and before that day had never been happier in my live. God speaks to man because he loves his children and I will not ever deny that! I LOVE JESUS! ; )

How I live my faith

By preaching his gospel of Jesus Christ to all of my hispanic brothas and sisters in Jacksonville! That they may be able to go and sell all that they own and purchase that field which holds a treasure (Matthew 13:44) that will never rott nor whither to dust.... and I love every second of it!!!!

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

YESSS... Please come visit our church and the first person ya see... go sit by them and make conversation! The LDS religion invites anyone who would like to enter out of curiosity or interest! Just have one tip to make you a tiny bit more comfortable.. In our sunday meetings we dress in our nicer clothes to show our respect to our heavenly father so if available, wear some kind of skirt/dress and men try to wear a nicer button up shirt and if available a tie! But God loves us no matter what we are wearing!!! See ya there! Show more Show less

Why do Mormons baptize their new members?

We all know that baptism is an essential ordinance that needs to be done in order enter into God's kingdom.. but one thing many of us today don't recognize is that the baptism needs to be done correctly. Not only by immersion but by someday who has the authority from God to do so. Jesus could have went to any of the many learned men that spent their days in the synoguages and recieved recognition for their doctrinal educations and what not.. but jesus went to a humble man who was chosen, even before birth, to prepare the way for the Lord Jesus Christ and to baptize him! Jesus walked a very long way in search for this man, so we must do the same in search of the church which has that special restored authority as John and Christ's disciples had. I promise you found it. Show more Show less