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Hi I'm Ricci

I live in Washington and have been a mormon for 11 years.

About Me

Where do I begin, well I am 31yrs. old. I have 2 girls, 11 and 6. I have been married to my husband for 11 years. I basically am a stay at home mom but I do clean homes for extra cash and to get me out of the house. My plan is to go back to school, soon I hope. I enjoy the outdoors when the weather is nice which isnt too often! I love movies, the scarier the better. I also love to cook and cook for others.

Why I am a Mormon

Wow this could be long! Well I never went to church growing up although I was baptized catholic as a baby. When I was 17 I met this guy and we became friends for about a year before we started a relationship. When things between us got serious, we moved out and surprisingly became pregnant! At this point he told me that he wanted us to go to church, the church he grew up in but fell away from as a teen. He wanted this life for us so I agreed to check it out. When I first came to church I was 19 and had a 3month old baby. I was nervous and shy! But the women welcomed me and befriended me. I took lessons with the missionaries and realized so many parts of the plan were want I wanted to be apart of and for all these great blessings to happen to me. I didn't grow up in a safe home, there were alot of negative influences constatly around me and I did not want this for my children. I wanted to have a loving family and for my children to feel safe and secure. I knew that by joining the church and changing my life for the better would be the best decision I would ever make. We had to be married immedietly which was awesome to me and then a few monthes later, when I was ready, I was baptized! It was hard in the beginning to respect the sabbath and go to church every sunday, but I grew to love it and now I look forward to my day of rest with my family.I am the only member in my family and it has not always been easy but because of the lifstlye I live I can be there to help them out when they are in need. They see that and respect us and accept us. We are a very active family in the gospel. The church of Jesus Christ has changed my life forever. I know that when I physically die that it is just the beginning and that I will be with those family members I have lost. Which has been a lot over the years. I have learned so much about the life of Jesus Christ, and Heavenly Fathers plan for us and most of all, about myself.

How I live my faith

Well life can be busy around here with our church callings. Sam (my hubby) is the president of the young men! He meets weekly with the boys 12 to 18 and they have fun activities. Last week they went swimming at a members lake front home! I work with a presidency where the women are concerned. My job at church is to organize events for all the women in our ward, quarterly we do somthing big and serve dinner while on the other monthes we plan something like a potluck recipe exchange or craft night or anything else that sounds like fun. My 11 year old also gets together twice a month for activies with girls her age and soon my 6yr. old will too. When she is 8. I visit sisters too, we are all assigned to visit eachother, and bring a message. Usually this results in friendships which to me is the best part! I have been in this ward for years and I have such a great circle of friends! Sometime friends move out to another area and they must move to another ward which can be kinda sad and somtimes we get new gals that are a blast to become friends with! You never know who you will meet. Whats great is that no matter where we go in this world I can find a ward and feel welcomed! We went on a vacation to Hawaii recently and my husband when to a ward there, alot of men shook his hand and introduced him around, the women in the library were hugging him and telling him to call them auntie! This is Hawaii where everyone is welcoming true, but it made him feel so comfortable. We do so much service for one another, I could share dozens of stories, its great to know if you need help then someone will be there happily to help you. Either for a ride to the store, a babysitter, or even a shoulder to cry on. We love eachother and love to help our ward family. Our recent service has been giving rides on sunday to others for church. In a few weeks, our ward is cleaning the grounds of a highschool! Its great to see these things happening in our community! Its great to be apart of this!