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Hi I'm Jimmy

I'm married and a forever-student of family science. I like to meditate, read, write, research, stack rocks, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a student of family therapy with plans to go on to more school and become a therapist and university teacher. I am married to a lovely lady named Sarah. We enjoy the simple life of reading, writing, talking, and FOOD! Sarah has her bachelor's in health science and runs a blog that focuses on health called Simply Salubrious (http://simplysalubriousblog.blogspot.com/). I run a blog on current family science called The Family Advocate (http://thefamilyadvocate.blogspot.com/). As for my life thus far, I grew up in a small town in Western Massachusetts. I will always have my heart in New England. Over the course of my life thus far I have acquired many talents and hobbies; kept and unkept. I have enjoyed adventures in the woodlands of western Massachusetts, camping, fishing, collecting rocks, traveling, learning a little about a lot of languages, photography, skateboarding, blacksmithing, knitting, playing guitar, pluckin' banjo, playing mandolin, acting, making movies, martial arts, soccer, sailing, reading, writing, and more reading, learning about other religions and cultures, and last but not least, strengthening my relationship with God. The last being probably the only one I have kept up consistently since June of 2008 when I converted to the gospel and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon, or member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for many reasons but for convenience I will share only a few. The first reason is because I received a spiritual confirmation, independant of any other source, that what I have learned is absolute truth. It is truth that cannot be altered. It is not the truth we hear of that comes as a result of a strong desire for something to be true that it eventually becomes true to oneself. This truth comes from the main source of truth. It comes from that harmonic loving force that binds us all together. I now call it God. Which is, in itself, a principle of truth. The second reason I am Mormon is because of the fact that it is a belief system that truly applies to every facet of my life. I am given the privilege to practice my religion every minute of every day by how I think, what I say, and how I act. I have spent my childhood and teenage years wondering if there was something I had to figure out before this life was over. I didn't know where to look or what I was looking for. I saw the many belief systems of the world as ways of thinking rather than ways of doing. I have found a belief system for myself that allows me to do both. I have also recognized that this belief system directly and indirectly makes me a better person. It makes me do good to others, it makes me say good things to others, and most importantly, it makes me think well towards others. I am Mormon because it moves me to fulfill my responsibility as a human being. This responsibility is something I attempt to work on each day. It is difficult, it will take my whole life to perfect, but it is quite worth it, it is putting others first.

How I live my faith

From what seems like a short time of my involvement in the church, I have been given many opportunities to live my faith. When I first joined the church while attending Brigham Young University - Idaho, I had an opportunity to work with some students in our University congregation. It seemed, at the time, an enormous responsibility but I enjoyed serving others in a variety of ways. Between October of 2009 and October of 2011, I served a mission in Tempe Arizona. It took me to different parts of the state and allowed me to share my faith with those who wanted to learn. I also had many opportunities to help with just about anything anybody asked us to do. I love being given (under inspiration) a way to serve others. It is one of the great aspects of this Church. Nobody is ever left alone. Everyone is needed for something and someone. I live my faith on a daily basis by prayer and scripture study, and attend church every Sunday. I have witnessed the great strength it gives me every morning to take a bit of time and recalibrate, as I say. The mind, body, and spirit needs time to meditate on the deeper things of life. We all need this time to refocus on what really matters most in life. For me, what I learn about during prayer and scripture study is what matters most, and it is how I live my faith.