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Hi I'm Derek

I'm an Athlete, Party Rocker, the Son of a Brave Cancer Fighter, I love Snowboarding, I'm a Baller, I Love Life, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I absolutely love Life, and just doing everything the best I can. I Love getting people to smile and just have fun doing anything. If there is something crazy to do within 10 miles I've probably done it, or gave it my best. I've broken my collar bone twice, and jumped off a 30 ft. Ski lift in the Rocky Mountains. I have fear but don't let it stop me and I get that from my mother, who is fighting a Monster herself called Cancer. She has taught me how to win, and how to appreciate when I lose, and make sure to learn and grow. My dad is 5'8"ish and my mom is 5'6"ish and somehow I made it to 6'3". Growing up things were great, even though my mom and dad separated when I was 13, they both still loved me and made sure that their kids were always put 1st. They are still friends today and have been an example of forgiving and moving forward, not dwelling on things that could of been. There have been many trials in my life (same with everyone else) and those trials have helped me be the person I am today. I play just about every sport there is to play, & have played competitively in Football, Basketball & Track, & will work towards being a college athlete after my mission, but more than anything I just want to give my family each a big hug when I get back because my family is the most important part of my life. I will do anything for my family and absolutely Love to spoil those who are close to me. I love helping everyone every way I can & just Helping them to smile. :)

Why I am a Mormon

First of all, the most important reason that I am a Mormon is Because I Know that the Book of Mormon is true. I have received an Answer through Sincere Prayer, and Pondering the things that I have read, and that is one of the greatest things that has helped me in my life. After I knew it was true, I Acted upon the answer I had received by being an Active Member in the Church of Jesus Christ that has been restored and is exactly the same as when he established it in his life. This gospel isn't just a little piece of this life but shows us the way we can live our life to be the most Successful, Happy, Healthy, and all around best person we can be. This gospel has mad me a better athlete, more academically inclined, has given me hope for the future and answers to big concerns I have had in this life. When my Mom was diagnosed with cancer in December, My first question was Why? Why is a bad thing happening to a good person? Why now? When I am so far from home! I felt like I couldn't help her at first, but through this trial I have learned that there is a plan for each of us, that I can help her through praying with faith. That Christ can heal her with his atonement, along with reading the scriptures. I know, now more that ever, because I am a mormon, that ALL Trials are for our benifit and the sooner we realize that the sooner we can get past the initial hurt and focus on what we are suppose to learn from our trials. I know that no matter what happens in this life that I will be with my family forever, if we just follow Jesus Christ in his church that has been restored for us in the last days. Returning to my Father in Heaven, with my family is truely the most important thing to me, and everyone in the world has the same oppertunity to be with their loved ones if they just do their personal best and follow Christ. I know that if anyone wants to follow Christ with all their heart they will be lead to his church, because it's true and it will bless your life!

How I live my faith

I live my Faith by just being the best person I can be. So when it comes to sports, I put my whole heart into it, and make sure to lift those around me. When I am home or just having fun it's the same thing. I do so many things because I love doing things with my whole family and they are all so different and unique, I absolutly love it! God has givin us our talents for a reason, and learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ I know that is important to develope all those talents, so when I am going to the gym to exercize or go to a party and just make some people smile, or share what I know to be true with others, all those things, and everything in life is part of this Gospel. Right now I am serving a mission, so for the next year I go around doing what I love best, helping others. I help them by sharing my talents, by helping them understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by serving them, and by truely loving them. I live day to day setting goals to be better than I was yesterday, and the crazy thing is that I keep getting better in everything. We can all continue to learn, and grow forever. Our Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to be perfect today, but to keep getting better, to learn and prepare for when Christ comes again. I live my faith by Praying all throughout the day everyday. It's a way for me to know what God has planned for me, and He knows better than anyone what will make me the happiest, loving, all around person I can be so I make sure to communicate with him as much as I can. I live my life by Being Alive, not just living from day to day, and thats the message of the Gospel: LIFE! It's all around us and it gets better everyday! I'm so glad to know that death isn't the end and we can live forever with our God who loves us so much, and with that as my goal, and by serving others, life is so much more full than if I would just live for myself. Life is how I live my Faith, and I wouldn't have it any other way!