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Hi I'm Mitchell

I have lived in many places but we'll just say im from Springville utah and i love to play soccer and drawing and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I come from a family of 7 (my mom and dad and 4 brothers) i have grown up in the church and am currently serveing a mission in the Washington Tacoma Mission and i have loved every minute of it but before my mission i hung out with my friends all the time we played video games board games we went out to movies and stuff man i just had blast. I worked in construction shortly before i came out on a mission it was hard work but hard work teachs you how to work if you let it. oh i like Frogs to.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am i a Mormon? well thats a good question growing up in the church i guess you could say that i didnt have a choies but there comes a time in everyones life no matter what religion there in where one has to decide if this is something that i can belive? is this something that i can stand up and deffend? everyone must answer these questions in there own lives and for me the i found the answer to these question shortly before my misssion i found myself asking the question as a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints can i go out a serve a mission if im not 100% sure that i belive everything the answer was no i could not so i began to read the Book of Mormon and getting on my knees to pray about it and it took a while before i got my answer and God and a funny way of giveing and answers sometimes form me it came as a 16 hour road trip and i hate road trips but this one was different i went with my uncle who is a convert to the church. so they drove there van out to Utah and there van broke down they managed to get it to a repair shop and while they where fixing there van my grandpa went up and pick up my uncle and his family and brought them the rest of the way to spend some time with the family while there van was getting rapaired well the time came and they had to returen home so me and my uncle took a 16 hour road trip to go pick up there van and the whole time i got to listen to my uncles conversion story and the spirit was there and i felt it so powerfully that i could not denie it i found out that day that god Lives that Jesus Is the Christ and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was Christs Church once again established on the earth and now i am out Serving a mission teaching this to everyone that i can so they can found out this turth for them-selves that they can find the happeiness that i found that day

How I live my faith

Right now i am serveing as full time Missionary for the church my callign is to go out and teach people about the church it is my responsiblity to prepare peole for baptizm if that is something that they want to do beging a missionary is the hardest thing that i have ever done in my life but it has also brought the most happieness in life i live what i teach and i teach what i live and i teach Faith, repentence, Baptizm, reciveing the gift of the holy ghost and endureing to the end i want people to see me and be able to belive what i saying based on how im liveing because belive it or not a guy in a white shirt and tie stands out like a sore thumb.