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Hi I'm Todd

I was born in San Francisco. I'm the father of six sons. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the father of six sons. Four years ago, I went through a divorce. Since then, I have married a wonderful woman who has blessed my life tremendously. However, because of the divorce, I cannot be as close to my sons as I once was. I worry about them and want the very best for them as they move forward in their lives. I am the general manager for a small company that makes rehab and athletic performance equipment. We manufacture these products out of a converted basement and garage located in the mountains of Washington. We sell these machines to some of the greatest athletes and professional sports teams in the world. I love to read, think, and create. I'm currently creating a weight loss and fitness plan for "lazy" people - like me. I think the world is forsaking the principles of the past which enabled people to be more loving, thoughtful, and humble. I love to read the words of God.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I believe that all of the principles, practices, and priesthood authority, as taught and manifest by Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry, are enjoyed in their fullness in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today. I believe that we are the children of a loving Heavenly Father. Of all the titles that God could rightly claim, He has asked that we call him Father. I think that is one of the most comforting and elevating truths in this Gospel. All of us - regardless of race, color, or creed - are sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father. Because of His love for each of us, He has provided us with this earthly experience, wherein we have been given the freedom to choose, to learn, and to grow. But, God our Father has not left us alone. He has always communicated with His children, whether speaking to Abraham and Moses in ancient times, or through His son Jesus Christ in the meridian of time. In like manner, God speaks to us today through prophets and apostles. He can also speak to us individually, as He did anciently, through the power and gift of the Holy Ghost. Finally, I believe that our Heavenly Father loved us so much that he sent his Son Jesus Christ who would provide for us a perfect example of how God lives. And, knowing there would be times when we would choose poorly, Jesus Christ took upon Himself our mistakes and sufferings, so if we repented and looked to Him as our Savior, he could enable us to return to our loving Heavenly Father. I know through witnesses and confirmations from the Holy Ghost that there is a God. He is our Father. I know that He sent his Son, that Jesus Christ is our Savior and our Exemplar. I have come to see that, despite its challenges, life can be filled with joy and happiness. I have found that happiness in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ - the Gospel that is found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I love to read the scriptures every day. They are the "words of eternal life." In other words, they teach us of the type of life that God lives. I find it amazing that each of us, if we so desire, can read the words of God as given through the prophets Abraham, Moses, or Isaiah, as recorded in ancient times. We can also read the words of Jesus Christ and his apostles, Peter and Paul, as given in the meridian of time. Likewise, we can read the words of prophets and apostles today, men with names like Thomas, Henry, and Dieter. I think by reading these words, we can come to know God. So, I love to read the scriptures every day. I enjoy teaching the Gospel. Whether that's teaching a class, giving a talk in church, or sharing a short message with others. My wife and I reserve each Monday night as our Family Night. We start by singing a hymn. Thankfully, all my sons have come to enjoy singing - and they do it quite nicely. After our opening song, one of us will offer a prayer. Then, I will share a gospel lesson with the family, drawing from the scriptures or my own personal experience. When the lesson is done, we usually play a game together. We close with prayer. Of course, no Family Night would be complete without treats... ice cream being the usual treat of choice. Family Night is a way to gather together, shut out the world just a bit, and focus on what's most important: God and the family. I'm glad that this has become a tradition in our home. I've had the privilege, lately, of helping the Bishop of our congregation. As you can imagine, He has quite a few responsibilities and one of mine is to be an administrative assistant for him, as well as the other leaders in our congregation. It requires a commitment of my time during the week and on Sundays, but it has been wonderful to associate with such good men and women who are trying to live and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.