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Hi I'm Tyler

I'm a husband and father of 4 amazing children. I'm a teacher, an entrepreneur, a songwriter, and a sports player. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Like my father and my grandfather, I was born and raised in Arizona. I was lucky enough to be born into a loving family with great parents. I originally started with a brother and three sisters who have always been some of my very best friends. We are all married, so now I have four brothers and four sisters, and a beautiful wife. I'm the father of four intelligent and beautiful children - who are all still very young. I'm "the crazy uncle" to nine nieces and nephews. We all have our issues and we are a bit dysfunctional, but what family isn't? I'm passionate about trying to make the world a better place. I feel like I just might be able to make a difference if I can become a great teacher. I know that this means I'll have to first become a great and humble learner. I'm trying every day to become a better person, because I know the most powerful form of teaching is through example. When I was 19 I paid for and served a two year mission in Romania. Then, I got a bachelor's degree in business, and I'm about a quarter of the way through a master's degree in education. I love music. I play the guitar and the piano, and I've written or co-written and composed over 30 songs. I love playing sports - especially basketball, racquetball, and ping pong. (Is ping pong a sport?) I love reading religious books and scriptures. Most of all, I love being with my little family. I'm living proof that ordinary people can have extraordinary love and happiness in life.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a member of this religion because I feel and believe that it is indeed Jesus Christ's religion. I feel and sincerely believe with all my heart that He is real and that He is who he claims to be - even the Son of God and the Savior of the entire world. I feel and sincerely believe that He leads and guides this religion through ordained and worthy apostles and prophets who have been called in our day to establish His religion and eventually His Kingdom here on Earth. I know that God is no respecter of persons and that he loves all of His children as much as he loves me and the "Mormons". Many of His truths can be found everywhere - in all of the great religions of the world, and in science and in nature. He reaches out to all of us and wants us to learn His eternal truths, and to return to Him and to be happy as He is - having learned the important lessons of this difficult mortal life experience. Although God loves us all, there are many conflicting ideas of men in the world and in the different religions. Just like there were many conflicting ideas about what shape the world was, there was only one true answer. So it is with the truth about God and religion. Although I had grown up in this church, there came a time (when I was a senior in high school) when I had to find out for my self if I truly believed what my parents had been telling me. I did not want to part with a basketball scholarship, the love of my life, and all of my hard earned money to go on a mission for this church unless I was certain that this church was really what it claimed to be... Christ's one true church. And so I studied, prayed, and pondered... and studied and prayed some more. I studied other religions and I studied my own. Then, much like the knowledge that my wife loves me came by one small act or moment at a time as she showed me how she truly felt, my knowledge of the truthfulness of this church has been witnessed to me line upon line by the Holy Spirit of God.

How I live my faith

For the past ten years since I returned from my mission to Romania, I have volunteered much of my time and my life to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have worked with hundreds of young men from ages 12- 18, and have hopefully helped at least some of them to progress into manhood and to become men of strong character, men of integrity, and successful contributors to society and to mankind. I have been a leader in the wards or groups that I have been involved in, and I have found that the greatest joy in my life comes through selfless service to others. When I give of my time and talents to help others for Christ's sake, I receive blessing from Him, and my personal relationship with Him grows. I learn the most and grow the most when I am trying to help someone else to learn and grow. It is not usually easy to be a faithful and practicing member of this church. It requires a lot of work and service. But just like a great marriage is not free or easy to obtain, and just like anything of great value has a great price, so it is with great faith. Much like the freedoms we enjoy in our country have come through blood shed and sacrifice, the faith to move mountains can only come through sacrifice and obedience to true and eternal principles. I am an "all in" kind of person. You can't learn what it feels like to swim unless you jump all the way into the water. I'm so glad I haven't waited around on the sidelines.