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Hi I'm Cameron

I grew up Methodist, am a college architecture student, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in San Antonio until I moved to college. Growing up, I was active in soccer, piano, choir, and art. While my family was Methodist and I was raised Methodist, I became a Mormon when I was 19. I am currently serving a two year, full time mission for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in southern central Europe. Here, I will be serving the people by helping them discover the joy of freedom from the guilt of life which I have found through faith in Christ. When I return, I will finish the last two years of my major to become an Architect.

Why I am a Mormon

I was not brought up Mormon and I am the only member of the LDS church in my family. Back in high school, one of my best friends was Mormon. After the first year of college, we both met back up in San Antonio and she invited my to start rehearsing a song to sing in her church service. We also made a deal that if I would go to one of her church services, she would come to one of mine. So, we started going to what's called institute (basically free religion classes) to rehearse. The topic was the history of Christianity and was really interesting. Eventually, we sang at church and she came to my church service. I was curious about and enjoyed the Mormon church services and people however. So for the last few weeks of summer I went to both the Methodist church and Mormon church services on Sunday. When I moved back to Austin for school, I continued this trend, going to the Methodist church service in the morning, and the Mormon church right after. Soon after moving to Austin, I met the Mormon missionaries here and began taking discussions about religion with them. I took a lot of what they said with a grain of salt however. I eventually took a Book of Mormon and accepted their challenge to read it and ask God himself if it was true, not to just take their word for it. After a long while, I received inspiration from God that I cannot deny that it was indeed true, and thus, the things the missionaries taught and Mormon people believed were correct as well. Ever since, my faith and knowledge of God, Jesus Christ, and religion in general and has grown exponentially and only confirmed what I initially felt. I have experienced many miraculous events since joining the church. I cannot deny what I have felt, seen, and experienced. I can say today beyond a doubt of my mind, that if I had not become Mormon, I would be in a much worse place today, a totally different person. It was worked miracles in my life.

How I live my faith

I have drastically changed my how I live my life through utilizing the power of Christ's Sacrifice to become a better and more free person. I currently live as a fulltime missionary, spending all of my waking time serving Him and helping the children of his fold, you and me, come closer to Him through His gospel. I have left behind the cares and worries of the world for this opportunity, and look forward every day to waking up and being led to new opportunities to help others. Some might call this sacrifice, but I know I will gain so much more than I can ever imagine than what I have temporarily given up.

What is Mormonism? OR What do Mormons believe?

I've found that what sets this church apart from all the others on earth is that we believe that God speaks to us today the same as he has forever; from the new testament times, the old testament times, and even to the beginning of man. Through this, each of us can receive direction in our lives directly from God. It also means that God can still speak to us today in other ways such as through prophets and visions. This also leaves the door open for the possibility of new scripture. Through learning to listen to the revelation from God through faith, desire, and prayer, I have come to know and experience the power and truth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints and that Jesus Christ is its creator and leader. Show more Show less