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Hi I'm Brandon

I love wakeboarding, I'm a wrestler, I'm a Star Wars fan, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in California but shortly after my family relocated to Westminster Colorado and we have lived there for the vast majority of my life. We have spent many summers as a family out on the lake Wakeboarking and other water sports. My fondest memories are of me and my family out on the boat spending time with each other having fun. I have 3 brothers and one sister we are the closest family I have ever seen, sometimes my sister feels left out because she is the only girl in the family but we love her too. During High School I was a wrestler and I learned to love the sport over the course of the years, at times I hated it because of how hard and time consuming it was but I finally realized how much I loved it after my final season when it dawned on me that I would probably never wrestle on a team again. I think that everything we do in our lives can train us to be better people, and I think that wrestling is something that really shaped my life. I learned to persevere, I learned to forgive myself and move on from my mistakes I learned that we need to work as a team even in an individual sport. I think it's the lessons I learned that made me love wrestling. I like fantasy stories, like the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. I hope someday to write a novel. I Just finished serving a mission in Everett WA and it was the greatest experience of my life. Someday I hope to start a family of my own family and be as close with them as my family is now.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church and raised by good parents who love and live their faith and did their best to teach us to do the same. They would take us to church and over the years I slowly realized over time that I liked going to church every Sunday. I believed that the stories were true, that Jesus really did perform all of those miracles, he lived a perfect life and he payed the price for the sins of mankind and that through repentance, or seeking forgiveness from God by changing our lives, we can be freed from the mistakes we make. I have had many things in my life that I needed to change about myself and through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I have been able to do so. Even though I believed all of these things though my belief took a back seat to work and school and wrestling and all of the other things I was doing and a strong belief has a short shelf life. About the time I was preparing to go on a mission, which I had decided to do at a young age, I started to feel like I had only believed because my family believed. I wanted so badly to have a conviction that the things I had been taught were real and that they did happen because I knew that without that conviction, without my own conversion I would not have the will to do all of the things that God would want me to do on my mission. So I got out my copy of The Book of Mormon and I began to read it for myself. Over the next month I spent hours a day reading it deeply from the front to the back, I couldn't put it down because I had to know, I had left home and was in training to be a missionary Finally one night I had finished the final chapter of the book and I knew the step that I had to take. I took the Book of Mormon and I layed it on my bed and I knelt down and Prayed to God asking him if it really was true. As I knelt there silently in the darkness I felt peace, so small that I almost missed it, there was simply nothing to worry about because it is true.

How I live my faith

I study the Bible and the Book of Mormon every day to build my knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ because I believe that without constant study and prayer and searching for more knowledge about God's plan, our belief will get weaker and weaker. I think the biggest way I live my faith is that I try to make myself a little bit better every day. I try to love more and to work harder, I try to replace my bad habits with good ones, and I pray for help in doing these things and for forgiveness for coming up short. Each day I try to get a little closer to living in a way that would make my Heavenly Father proud to have me as a son.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

We are not required to serve missions, that is to say that there is no punishment for not serving a mission except for missing out on all of the joy and learning that comes from serving one. But Jesus instructed that we need to go out and preach the Gospel to everyone, this is a commission that we should comply to but as with everything else, we are free to choose for ourselves what we will do. I chose to go on a mission and it is the best decision I have ever made. Show more Show less