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Hi I'm Mandy

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been married for 6 years. I graduated from college with a degree in Business Finance. Since then I started working and helped to put my husband through college for both his Bachelors degree, and Master Degree. I was able to start a family with my husband but had a very hard pregnancy with my first daughter. I had lots of complication and those lead me to 6 weeks in the hospital on bed rest before I had her. After which she spent 4 weeks in the newborn intensive care unit because she was born 8 weeks early. Now she is a perfect 3 year old girl. I enjoy the fact that I get to stay at home with her and watch her grow. While my husband works very hard to support our little family. My interests involve working out, and trying to find new ways to stay and be healthy. Eating very good food, and making some along the way. I am not a skinny person because I enjoy eating good food, but I try new things to keep myself active. Reading when I can, and watching my favorite television shows. I keep track of our finances and deal with insurance almost on a daily basis. I hate cleaning but do it anyways, I do enjoy a clean place to live, but I don't enjoy getting it to that point. But I try to keep my daughter active in different sports, dance, and going to the library. I love the outdoors, it's just something about the sun that makes me feel better. And I love that my daughter and husband make me laugh all the time.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up going to church with my Family. Growing up with most of my friends that were not Mormon, I had some hard times. But to be honest, I am grateful for those times and the friends that I made. From those experiences I started to be quite curious. I started to read the Scriptures more, and tried to understand their teachings. I tried to understand the Bible and how the Book of Mormon supported the teachings of the Bible. I started to be more active in my Church and tried to help others through serving in the church. I continue to have experiences that taught me how true this church is. We are here on earth to learn and be taught through such experiences. In the last year I had a few more experiences that strengthened my faith in Jesus Christ. About 11 months ago I was able to get pregnant again, and during that pregnancy I found out that I have a problem with my chromosomes. Because of this problem I lost that baby at 12 weeks, and ended up in the ER because of too much blood loss. After that we went to see a specialist. From that point on I had surgery to fix my body so I could carry a baby full term. And then we went through in-vitro. Because of my complications we only had one embryo make it to the end and had everything riding on this one surgery to get pregnant. With lots of prayer I am now in my first trimester and pregnant with my second little girl. My husband and I had planned on having a larger family, but sometimes our plans are not what God has planned for us. I believe that God gave me a chance to continue on my family. I am very excited to raise another little girl. I could be angry with God but where would that get me. Having Children is the most important thing I have ever done, and one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences of my life. I think that we go through the hard times in our life so we can come out stronger. I know God sent us here to learn, and I am trying to do just that.

How I live my faith

At our church I get to teach a group of kids that turned 5 this year. Every week I get to meet with these kids. See their funny personalities come out as I talk to them about Jesus, Heavenly Father, and different aspects of our religion. I get to see the ones that already have an understanding of the stories that are in the Book of Mormon, or the ones who are hearing it for the first time. I am grateful that even though they are not always perfect in how they behave or act, I am the one who gets to teach them those things. I enjoy being around the kids of the church because they have such a basic knowledge of the gospel that I get to learn what is so important to us. Those simple things, that I know are true and yet so important. Like the fact that Jesus did die for us, And Heavenly Father wants us to return to him. Or even better that I shouldn't take bad things into my body because God gave me that body to take care of. I enjoy serving these kids and in return they make me laugh and teach me a few things along the way. I also do my visiting teaching; this is where I get to visit a few other women in my church. We see how they are doing and if there is anything that we can do to help them. I think that through this we each feel connected and cared for. We never feel alone. And I tend to make pretty good friends with the women I visit, or the ones that visit me. I also try to keep my house a place where this gospel can always be talked about. I try to teach my daughter about God, Jesus Christ, and the teachings in the scriptures. I want my home to be a place where talking about religion is regular and not an odd conversation. I have an amazing family that taught me how to treat others, and I hope to do the same. I married into a family with some challenges, but the support I receive from them is very important to me and how I decide to live and raise my own family.