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Hi I'm Maddi

I live in Arizona. I love to sing, laugh, and be happy all the time. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My whole life is about my family, education, and my passion: music. Since the fourth grade, I've been singing constantly at home, school, and work. You could ask anyone at school one thing about me, and they'd say I'm always smiling and singing a happy song. Music is what I turn to when I'm down. I teach piano and love to play myself. I also perform in community and school theater. I crave knowledge, anything from algebra, to chemistry, to history and so forth. My friends and family are my support system in everything I do, a blessing I couldn't live without. I'm the oldest child, and seeing my brothers and sister grow is such a miracle to me. When I'm not swamped with family, school, or music, I'm with friends. Social butterfly is definitely me, always at the mall shopping or grabbing ice cream. I love meeting new people, hearing their problems, and helping them through them. I see new situations and people not as intimidating, but as a chance to grow and see more of the world. I hope that someday I can do something that will touch someone's life.

Why I am a Mormon

Nobody is perfect. Everyone needs help in this life, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints teaches me how to stay strong when life gets tough. God loves all of us, because He has blessed us with so many wonderful gifts and abilities. Each person is responsible for using their talents and making the world a better place with them. We need to tell everyone about his love. Out of love, He's given us a body, a sacred place for our spirit to live in while we're here on earth. Our bodies must be treasured and taken care of. The greatest gift of all is the Son of God, Jesus Christ. He suffered for the sins of every single person. Me, my mom, my best friend, her mom, the neighbor down the street, and each of the billions and billions of people that have or ever will live. His atonement makes it possible for me to someday return to Him and Heavenly Father without any impurity. I make mistakes every day, and so does everyone else. Christ led a perfect life, giving us an example to live by and always remember to guide our actions. Through his perfection and sacrifice, I can reach the goal of living again in Heaven with God for eternity. When it doesn't seem like I can make it through another day, it's magnificent to think that there's always still hope and grace that will save me from my imperfections. It makes it easier to do what I know is right if someone has already done it before me. I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven that he sent his matchless gift, Jesus Christ, to earth. I'm grateful that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints exists so that I can grow closer to God and learn more about how to live my life in accordance with His laws. I know that I can grow to become the person that God wants me to be, because Christ will be with me every step of the way.

How I live my faith

Every day I walk down the hallways at school and see terrible things. When I see them, I think "I don't want to act like that, because Christ doesn't". I simply try to always wear a smile, do what I know is right, and hope that maybe what I do might rub off on someone else. Every day, I attend release time seminary, the religion course offered at school. I go to mutual, the church youth activity, on Wednesdays. Life does get crazy, but when I make time for my faith, everything falls into place at school. When I'm with friends out shopping, I only choose modest clothing to wear, even if it's not convenient or exactly "the style". But I know that because God made me, my body is sacred and I need to treat it as such. Even when I perform in a musical there's lots of temptations to do things I know aren't right. I'm sometimes surrounded by drugs, alcohol, immorality in countless forms, and I'm always told that just once won't hurt, or no one will know, or even that it isn't a big deal. But it will hurt me, God will know, and it could lead me down that path that I know is wrong. I don't want to risk losing myself to something Christ wouldn't approve of. I get questions about the LDS religion all the time, and I answer them as best as I can. Most of the time, people have heard misconceptions that are easily cleared away, and then they just want to know about our beliefs. Any opportunity I get I love sharing the message of God's love for his children. But I won't ever be able to share my beliefs through words with every single person I see. So instead, I think it's important try to simply live the way Christ would have, and always be ready to help anyone in need. Words are not remembered forever, but examples never die.

Are Mormons Christians?

The term "Mormon" is not technically correct---the name of the church is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". Christian is defined as a follower of Christ. So yes, "Mormons" are indeed Christian. We believe that only through Christ can we be saved and repent of our sins. He is the light of the world, and everyone must come unto Him. Show more Show less