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Hi I'm Laurie

I'm a mom, grandma, and wife. My passion is children, and I love to teach them. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Every five years or so, I am required to take classes to keep my teaching certificate current. Back I'm thrown into the realm of young adults as I jockey to fit in and be one of them. That was brought home rather starkly this past year as I enrolled in a math class at the local community college. It was during our discussion on statistics that the idea was suggested that we use "age of all class members" as a sampling characteristic that we could plot. No one was more startled than I when my age was twenty years beyond the next person just younger than me! I didn't know whether to be embarrassed or proud. I was just grateful I wasn't thrown out as an outlier! I've been married 31 years and have four grown children and two grandchildren. This summer we sent our last child away to college. Empty-nesting is the best kept secret out there. My husband and I are loving eating our own foods, watching our own movies, and being together. I served a mission in my youth to Paris, France. I completed bachelors and masters degrees in the field of education. We've lived in four different states. I am mostly a stay-at-home wife. I subsitute teach about once a week in the local elementary schools. I love to exercise. I'm out of the house by 5:30 every morning doing something physical. Two years ago, I enrolled in a sprint triathlon. Since then I've completed five. I play the piano, cook, can, garden, sew, and love taking classes with those young whippersnappers.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a Mormon family. I had the example of my parents who lived the principles of Mormonism as a youngster. It was natural for me to be baptized when I was eight. But the real question is, "Why did I stay Mormon?" There are lots of other choices out there. The simple answer is that I believe the Mormon church is the church on earth today that has the ability to take us back to live with God. I am not discrediting the good that is in other churches and the wonderful people that are in other churches. There are many, many people of great faith and good works. But when God speaks and establishes His church on the earth, we would be fools to not pay attention. How have I come to know this so assuredly? Mostly through two ways: 1) Living its precepts brings comfort, peace, answers to life's tough questions, and happiness. 2) Spiritual nudges from heaven have come in answer to prayers, declaring in unequivocal terms, that this is God's church on earth. I do not mean to be disrespectful of other churches or ego-centric about my own. But I don't know how else to say what I know to be true. God has established His church again on the earth, complete with the same components that Jesus Christ established over 2,000 years ago. I feel grateful and a huge sense of responsibility to share this knowledge and hope with others. I wish I was better at doing so.

How I live my faith

My beliefs are so much a part of who I am that they governs everything I do. For example, when I exercise, it's not just because I want to be healthy. I belief my body is a stewardship from God with which to pass through this mortal life. That affects my motivation for working out. Another example, I don't view my children as just "other people". They are gifts from God. We were given these families to mutually help each other be good people and to progress. I've been asked to hold "callings" throughout my life by church leaders. These opportunities have stretched me beyond my natural abilities and have required that I humble myself and prayerfully ask for help from Heavenly Father. On countless occasions He has compensated for my inadequacies, and, consequently, my faith in Him has grown. These have been evidences to me that He is aware of me and loves me. I have had to conduct meetings where two hundred women were gathered, write and deliver speeches on spiritual topics, and service others in countless ways. In our community, I have sought out ways to lift others. I participate weekly in listening to children read who live in an underprivileged part of our city. I join with ladies monthly from a Catholic church to sew items to be used in Haiti. Within my church geographical boundaries, I have been asked to be a special friend to three ladies. I have been asked, along with my companion, to visit them once a month and to take care of any needs that I see they might have. Others have me as their charge. This way we have watchcare for one other. My husband and I also give ten percent of all we earn as tithing to the church. This requires us to be unselfish and to remember the source of all our blessings. In turn, this gives the church funds to build temples, churches, schools, etc. I believe that is how God set it up to be, and we are happy to give. I hope, by my example, others will want to know more about this faith of mine.