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Hi I'm Cheryl

I am a mom of three. I run a free toddler music class. I joined the LDS church when I was 18. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a wife and mother and I love to do home improvement. I enjoy music, reading and volunteering. I stay involved in my children's schools through PTA/PTG. I also vounteer in the church working with children. I love music and children so much that I started a free toddler music class.

Why I am a Mormon

While in high school I went searching for religion. I had not been associated with any church in my life and felt like I was missing something. I began to attend different churches, but none felt right. I had friends who were LDS(Mormon) and began learning about their beliefs. Everything they would tell me seemed to fit with what I had felt already inside. I began to study on my own. I was determined to know as much as I could before I would committ to join the church and be baptized. I read the Book of Mormon. I read a book called Gospel Principles which teaches about gospel doctrines of the church. I prayed about what I was learning and I would feel good inside and that I should continue to study. I attended church meetings with my friends and also activities like dances and youth conferences. I knew that what I was doing felt right, but I wanted an absolute answer whether I should get baptized. I had prayed before to know if I should, and had felt good about it, but I am stubborn. I wanted to have no doubts. I decided that I would set a date to be baptzed. I still had not had my "overwhelming" experience, and I was having a great deal of conflict over my baptism with the rest of my family. They were very upset over my desire to be baptized and made my life very difficult at home. I was feeling very torn, between pleasing my family and doing what I felt was right for me spititually. One very rough day, I knelt down to pray (or as I like to call it, have a conversation with my Father in Heaven). I told Him how I was feeling and how confused I was. Then a different feeling came over me that changed all of those confused feelings. It was a complete and utter peace. A peace that removed all doubt and confusion. A peace that moved me to be full of determination and stregnth. Some may not call that an "overwhelming" experience. But it has changed my life forever. I was baptized, and that peace has continued with me, so I have no doubt. This is Christ's church.

How I live my faith

I beleive that each person has talents that they can use to bless the lives of other people. My love for music and singing has motivated me to run free toddler music classes. I started it when my son was a year old so I could intoduce him to music. I invited a few friends to join me and it expanded from there. Many people ask me why I don't turn it into a business and charge for the class. But that is not the point. I want all children to have opportunities to learn and grow and develop. Many children from lower income families do not have the opportunities to attend things like music classes because financially they are unreachable. I want to make music more accessible to these families. It is a way that I can use the talents that God has given me to bless the lives of other people. That is a guiding motto in my life. "Because I have been Given much, I too must give" are lyrics to a hymn we sing. I want to live my faith serving others at home, in church and in my community, and perhpas globally! God loves all of His children, and I want to be a partner with Him to bless their lives in whatever way I can.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

We are just like all women. Some of us are single, some married. Some young, old, mothers, daughters, etc. We strive to understand what it means to be a woman. We know that God created Men and women for a purpose. We are one part of a whole equation. Our role as women is not to become like a man. We have inate gifts and abilities that we can use to serve those around us. I would not say that we believe in the equality of men and women, we believe we are equal partners. To say we are equal implies that we are the same, but we are not. I am a woman! I was created as woman. When I understand what that means, what my role is, what I can accomplish, I have no desire or need to be anyhting else. I have fulfilment and succcess, and happiness as a woman. Does that mean that I am less than my husband? Of course not! We truly are equal partners. We have come to understand one another and we work together in our family to provide a loving home for our children. Now, in our house, I am the one who does all of the home imrpovement. I love doing it and I have more skills than my husband has with power tools. This does not make me more of a man or him less of one. We stand together side by side, two halves that make up the whole. Show more Show less