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Hi I'm Trenton Mel "SonShine" Church

I worked to purify Sphingomyelin Phosphodiesterase Acid Lysosomal 1 by day, Ballroom dance by night and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

Probably should start with what Sphingomyelin Phosphodiesterase Acid Lysosomal 1 is (SMPD1 for short). When I was growing up I always wanted to be a vetrinarian. My sophmore year my Biology teacher that was a big help in my realization of my future would always ask me questions about serious biological studies like Respratory Development or Mitosis (did I neglect to tell you about how I am a defenate science nerd) while I was asleep. Be it Osmosis (might need a dictionary...) or some higher understanding I would wake up answer the question correctly and go back to sleep. And that was where she signed me up for Biotechnology 101 as a Jr in Highschool ("supposively" to help me be better prepared for Vetrinary Medicine) and well I fell in love with Research and Development! My Senior year I was asked to be one of two from my Highschool to be a member of a lab team thru a local college. Alas my study of SMPD1 was born! With that I am not your normal science geek. I also very much enjoy competitive swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, and this is a shocker Ballroom Dancing! I love to dance and well it is so cool! Especially love the latin dances like cha-cha and Merenge but I love to Waltz! I have since then put up the lab coat and fadora for two years as I search out for myself and how to help others come closer to Christ in the Western Half of North Carolina!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a member in the church but had a lot of opposition in my life growing up. All of my older siblings fell away from the church at a young age and only the oldest (my only sister) has returned later in her life. I could have very easily "fallen away" like the others in my family, but be it for myself "thinking" or wanting to be better for my parents sake I kept as strong as I could, not saying that I am perfect in anyway. I had always been a very questional person but sadly seeing the unhappieness that has been led to my elder brothers has shown me what I truly needed in life. One of the greatest influences in my life is actually my friend Daniel. No matter what opposition came into my life I could always count on him to be there. He was one of the few people that really gave me that help I needed to see that I truly wanted to serve a mission for the church. The greatest part about him is that he never was the type to push me but to help me see the true meaning of "gaining" a testimony. I truly believe that Testimonies are not just something to keep to yourself nor should you hide it away but be prepared to help others recieve it without shoving it down thier throat. That has been the premise of what I have been trying to do as a person in general. It has brought me so much joy to see what I have been able to do.

How I live my faith

As of right now I am one of those "young" guys that knock on doors and share messages of Jesus Christ to all that will lend a ear. Before this (what is called a mission) I was actually very involved with a group of single adults (18-30) teaching a class for our sunday school. I also helped alot, because my father was a youth leader, take them on campouts or such. The wonderful part of the church is that you can be as involved as you would like to be! I can't wait to get home and help with such things as Hometeaching which is where you go and offer your service to specifically assigned families in the church for any physical welfare they are in need of!

What is the First Vision?

Trenton Mel "SonShine" Church
The "First" Vision is truly what started everything. Without that humble prayer from Joseph Smith there would not be a church today. It was an EXTRAORDINARY answer to a very humble prayer. I have never seen Jesus Christ and God myself but I do know that Joseph Smith did. I do know that Jesus Christ also gave him the answer he didn't in anyway expect. he expected to be led to any of the other churches on the earth but was indeed given an answer. He was told that none of the churches contained the "whole" truth (there is some truth in all churches) and how this was what Jesus Christ was waiting for! Jesus Christ told Joseph Smith that thru him he will RESTORE his church. Not just reform but bring it back to the way it is supposed to be. It truly was just the beginning and in shows these truths: God hears and answers prayers (not to expect a way like came to Joseph Smith tho). The authority of God was off the earth for a period of time. There was a need for a restoration. The way you can know that this happened to Joseph Smith was given to him. Jesus Christ guided Joseph Smith to TRANSLATE the Book of Mormon by the power and AUTHORITY (theres that word again) of God. If the book is true than the miraculus first vision happened to Joseph Smith. Show more Show less