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Hi I'm Ray Baker

I was born and raised in Arizona. I'm active in helping the youth in my desert community. I'm a Christian and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a late bloomer. It took me years to find a passion for life. I served in the US Air Force for six years and then worked as a restaurant manager. During this time I suffered a devastating divorce and became a single father of four children. As we live life some bad things happen, but depending on what we do creates a life of passion or discouragement. This was the point that I realized I needed to be humble and accept love from other people. Reaching towards my Heavenly Father and remembering that He provided a Savior for me brought comfort. Taking time to go to church and returning to school I started the hard course of rebuilding a life and assisting my children to pull the pieces of their lives back together. With the help of a loving family, I was able to go back into a Mormon church and feel the love of the Savior. Walking through the doors I felt that special spirit and realized that I forgot Jesus Christ. I started a plan of action to get my life back on track. Returning to school proved to be a challenge, but I obtained an Associate’s degree and then started working in the computer field. I loved what was happening. Happiness started returning to my home and life. Soon, I was back in the classroom working on my Bachelor's degree. Finding that the more I served people the more enjoyable life became. Today, I have a Master's Degree, a wonderful wife, two more children, a great job, and love that is only provided through Jesus Christ. He is my Savior, I love Him.

Why I am a Mormon

My conversion story may be a little different than most people. I was born into a family that had great Christian values. My Mom was a member of the church, my Dad was not. As long as I can remember my family attended the Mormon Church. I served a mission during 1982 through 1983 in Indiana, USA. As I reached my late twenties I found myself living a life that was foreign to who I was raised to be. I was married and had four children and I rarely, if ever, went to church. My thoughts and actions were different than one that supposedly knew Christian values. My life took a turn for the worse and I found myself without a wife and a single dad of four children. I remember the loneliness as if it were yesterday. I remember crying uncontrollably when I got home after losing my job. Here I was 34 years old, recently divorced, unemployed, four children depending on me to lead them through life and no idea what I was going to do. So, I reviewed my life and decided that I had to change who I became and return to who I was raised to be. I know that Christ changes hearts and I know that He is our Savior. The gospel has been restored to its fullest. Through the Prophet Joseph Smith the power and authority of the priesthood was brought back to earth. The longer I live the more I know of this reality, Jesus organized a church during His mortal ministry. The foundation was built on apostles and prophets and that structure was destroyed soon after His death. A restoration of the gospel had to take place and that restoration came through Joseph Smith. I know that God lives and that he loves us individually. He set a Plan of Salvation for us before the foundations of this world were created. The plan was for us to come to this earth and live by faith. He knew we would have struggles so he provided a Savior, and that Savior is Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because I know that it is here where the fullness of the gospel resides. I am grateful for living prophets and for my Savior.

How I live my faith

Currently, I serve as the leader of the young men's organization in my community. This allows me to work with boys ages 11 through 18. We work with them in the Boy Scouts of America program, which draws boys of all faiths or no faith to work on character skills that will assist them throughout their lives. The boys that are Mormon we assist them with the building of individual testimonies of who Jesus Christ is and how he can be the light that brings them to the security of a loving Heavenly Father. I can honestly say that I love these kids. It can be a tremendous struggle for kids growing up in the world today. There are so many distractions and there is so much evil in the world that it is easier now, more than ever, to get lost on the path that leads to true happiness. Where do our youth go to find principles that will lead to Christ? They cannot find it a school and the world is intentionally drawing them towards paths that will eventually bring sadness and misery to their individual lives. We try to give them a place to go and feel the security of direction and the leadership that will help them find success throughout their lives. I feel this is what our Heavenly Father wants us to do, reach out and help his children. He cannot do it without people that love His children enough to take interest in them as individuals. Outside the church I help with the youth soccer program in our little community. Last year was the first year that I attempted to coach kids how to play soccer. I cannot tell you the joy I felt as I learned the kid's names and learned the personalities of their spirits. There is a lot a misery in this world, but there is so much more happiness as you give a kid one more safe place to be as they do something that builds self-esteem. I would not trade the experiences I have had in soccer, Scouts or in the Young Men's programs. Truly, it is I that receives the blessings. These blessings come from my Father in Heaven, who provided us His Son