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Hi I'm Michael

A science and technology enthusiast, High Performance Computing professional, and lover of global life and diversity. I'm a Mormon

About Me

Well, I love diversity. I enjoy learning from so many different perspectives. It seems that with every perspective I learn something new about our common humanity. And the more I learn about humanity the more I see a bit of the personality of a creator who loves all of us, and encourages diversity. I learned that the most in my own home. You see, I am married to a wonderful woman. She is so beautiful, and she is so highly gifted, and her personality is so incredibly strong. Together we are raising children that are just a beautiful, and have just as strong personalities. That can be a constant, big, challenge. In fact, I'll admit, most of our marriage has been a very tough struggle. We've suffered through numerous extended separations for hospitalization, care, and sometimes just to keep out of conflict. We've had to work through diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and other very debilitating quirks that required professional counseling. Yet it's classic. We've literally lived through the saying -- love conquers all. The love we have for our children keeps us in touch with their needs. They really need us to love each other as the two people who share identity and heritage with them. The love we feel from our Heavenly Father has kept us believing in each other and in the potential of our relationship. Love didn't do any of the work for us, but it did keep us working. I also love technology from the global craftiness of everyday life to High Performance Computing.

Why I am a Mormon

I admit, I was born and raised a in this church. Yet my own experience, and my experience with people from different walks of life has led me to the conclusion that God exists and influences our lives. It is clear to me that I should participate and learn in this church by a very loving, compassionate and highly intelligent influence. It seems rational that our first hint of God's existence will be through influence. Something we can definately feel and experience before any direct observation. If I can use a simplified scientific analogy, finding God -- in my experience -- is like finding out about Dark Matter. You see the galaxies moving in a way that seems accelerated more then you expect and lo and behold, Dark Matter. The Dalai Llama on twitter noted that when you seek a reasoned approach to caring for your fellow man, the strength of your humanity increases. When one engages in that exercise they will be able to detect an influence increasing their capacity towards compassion and righteousness, lo and behold that influence readily identifies itself as God. At that point, accepting what still remains theory explaining that influence is a practical definition of "faith". How I live my faith, is how I've found that faith. (If I had my way, what I wrote in the "How I Live My Faith" section would be added right here.) In know that God wants me to be a Mormon. I know that he is active in this church to guide and direct it towards the common welfare of humanity. I know that the Book of Mormon has been an invaluable work in leading me and strengthening the bond I share with God. And everything it says that I can try for myself, has been 100% accurate. And I know from watching others who build on that same path, will find God also. And when they do, if they ask God if this is the right place to develop that relationship better, they will get an answer that is unmistakable.

How I live my faith

I'm a Mormon because it works, its been proven true in my life. How I live my faith has lead me to be a Mormon, its something I've grown very sure about over the years. I may feel my employment slipping away from me. I may feel at a loss with my marriage that has suffered separations linked to mental illness. Yet I need to hang on. I love my children and know that they love both their mother and father. And they want us to love each other also. They see themselves in their mother and father, and I know that their ability to love themselves is directly tied to my wife and I being able to show love to each other. But then, sometimes they are the ones I'm at the end of my rope with too :) In the section about Why I'm a Mormon, I talk about how I've detected an unmistakable influence in my life. From the time I was young i learned in this church that there was a loving and caring Heavenly Father, who's love for me and those around me was trying to influence us to do good things for each other. The Book of Mormon and Bible were taught to me as records of how God had influenced others many years ago. I've found that influence in my life and learned to trust it. And that is my faith. At those times I needed help, it has become second nature to reach out to loving Father I have been taught to be behind the influence that I've learned to trust since I was a child. In a very honest plea, I reach out for support -- and find it always there ready to give me that inner strength that helps me ultimately find the success I need. I read the Book of Mormon or Bible daily, because I have learned to trust the guidance that comes from them. Whenever I find some new nugget of wisdom in them, I apply it. It has helped me develop a practical, but also very encouraging relationship with God. With it I have also developed and even saved relationships with my family members and other loved ones. I can't live my faith without doing the things that develop love between myself and others.