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Hi I'm Braydon Anderson

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 21 years old. I am serving or have served as a missionary to the people of the Japan Tokyo area. I had never met the people there, but have loved them nonetheless. I love to see people trying to follow God's plan, because it continues to inspire me to become a better individual. I had the opportunity to become an Eagle Scout (the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America program) and have served as a Paige to the Washington State Senate. I also have grown up with Emergency Preparedness training being part of my daily routine. I have become a state certified instructor through FEMA and have received the Washington State Governor's Award for Service. Through this, I was asked to throw out the ceremonial first pitch for the Seattle Mariner's MLB team. The church has given me many opportunities in the development of musical talents as well. The Lamb of God, by Rob Gardner, is a choir and orchestral program which denotes the last week or so of the life of Christ. Among the choir there are soloists to play the parts of His disciples and people living there. I was able to have a soloist position in 2016. Alongside singing, I play the piano and compose songs for the piano and will continue developing my abilities as a composer. My name is Braydon Anderson and I am a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I have felt a confirmation an hundred times over that this is the only fully true church on this earth. What this means is that the other churches you see will have a lot of truth and will teach you to be a good, honest person that is more like Christ than most people; however, they only contain a portion of the truth. When Christ was crucified (when he was killed in the New Testament), His authority given to those on earth to lead the people and teach them about him was lost. Because of this, there began to be a lot of confusion about what the records of His teachings meant. The ability to discern the meaning of the records was lost and so many churches began, each having most of the truth, with a few details skewed or mistaken. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has that ability to discern the meaning because the authority to teach and lead have been restored again to the earth. The reason I am a Mormon is because I seek after truth and live by what I know is true. I have felt the truth too many times to ignore. I know this is the true church of God and Christ, and that by it, we can come to become more like them.

How I live my faith

The gospel is true... and if I know that something is true, I won't deny it. I next look at the good things that it's done for me and those close to me. The teachings found within the gospel of the LDS church has helped me to overcome problems and trials I felt trapped in. Without the gospel... without it's teachings, I wouldn't be able to bear my testimony of these things. I wouldn't know what this life was meant for. However, because I know these things, I have to live my life according to what I know to be true. This gospel is about helping others feel that there is a purpose to this life. It's about knowing that God loves you because He is our Father. Remember, He created each of us. This knowledge helps me know that you, whoever is reading this, are part of an eternal family. You are my brother or sister and you have an incomprehensible worth to our Father. Why would I not want to show you what you can become? I want to be an example to whoever I come in contact with. To be an example, however, I need to take my life in the direction I need to so I can become that beacon of Christ. You matter to God. You matter to Christ. You matter to me... even though I don't know you.

What is faith?

Braydon Anderson
Faith is a sure knowledge of something that you can't see (yet), such as "Faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ" which is knowing that he is alive and exists. Show more Show less