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Hi I'm Randy

I'm a average guy. I have a family, and I drive truck for a living. So what makes me different? I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Lets see. How about a poem. A richer man you'll never find, though wealth has alluded me all my life. For I have six wonderful beautiful kids and one beautiful wonderful wife. We live in a small town and love it. I drive truck for a living and love it. For fun I enjoy woodworking, golfing, eating, and sleeping. That's the big four anyhow. My wife is an amazing cook, I should be 500 pound by now. My kids are amazing too. You would think that with six kids two of them would be alike. But not so, they are all unique. My life would be boring and drab if I did not have my family. In fact, if I did not have my family, I might end up like some people I know who spend all their time chasing after things they can't take with them when they're gone.

Why I am a Mormon

In our Church we talk about having a testimony. A testmony is ones strongest feelings and beliefs. We might express our testimony in church or share it with family or freinds. It is the reason or the answer to the question, why am I a Mormon. The reasons are simple to me. I truly belive that family relationships can last forever and that each of us will live forever. Not our bodies of course, they get old and die. But we, the person we are, our spirit will live forever. Have you ever really thought about those three questions - Where did we come from?, Why are we here?, and Where do we go when we die? I believe that God our Heaveny Father created us His spirit children and that we, each of us, are personally know to Him. He's happy when we make good and right choices and He sorrows when we make mistakes. And knowing that we would need help to return to live with Him, yes I did mean to say return, He has given us a plan. And here's the plan - Live all of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm a Mormon because I beleive this church teaches all of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course you know that Mormon is a nick name, The full name of our church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

How I live my faith

Right now I'm one of the leaders in the mens group at church. We have a class on sunday where we focus on becoming better husbands and fathers, sometimes I give the lesson. There are no paid clergy in our church. We all just take turns doing different jobs to keep the church running, it's really cool. I feel like I've grown as a person because of being involved at church. We also do things to help the comunity. Right now it's fall and we are cutting firewood for some widows in town. Lots of people have wood burning stoves where we live. I think that doing some sort of sevice for others is important. It's something I'm trying to teach my kids by example. Do as I do, not just do as I say. This helps me to live my faith and will hopefully will help my kids as they grow.