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Hi I'm Glenn

I enjoy people, sports, animals and politics. I'm a committed husband and father. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in South Africa, then lived in the US for a few years before moving to Australia over 10 years ago. I enjoy the South African and Australian way of life -- sport, sun, outdoors and not taking one's self too seriously. I have played a lot of different sports in my time, including completing the Comrades Marathon (90kms of torture) once -- no need to do it twice. I exercise most days and follow most sports when I can. I have a great respect and appreciation for animals and wildlife. My wife,daughters and I, have a shared compassion for animals that regularly has us stopping traffic and rescuing lost and stray dogs on the streets. Sometimes we have even "rescued lost" dogs from right outside their own driveways. Oops. I have two Masters degrees. I am a former student of International Relations, worked as a researcher and published works on national security issues. This gave me an opportunity to travel to many countries throughout Africa. Then I made a career change and have spent the last 15 years of my life studying and working in mental health and providing counselling services to individuals, couples and families.

Why I am a Mormon

Although generically Christian, I was raised with no particular religious affiliation. I never felt that any religion, that I knew of, had the answers to the purpose and meaning of life. I read widely and questioned religious people of many faiths about their beliefs. I would think, "where is God in all of this -- surely there would be no debate if there was one truth that stemmed directly from God". I had no need to belong to or to associate myself with a church. To me, churches were just man-made religious clubs that competed for philosophical popularity yet couldn't answer important questions about life and eternity and lacked authority from God. I was only interested in a truth and a church that came from God Himself, if He was still out there. At the age of 23, I met a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Being curious and inclined to challenge the religious beliefs of others, I began exploring the soundness and veracity of the Church's teachings. I met with the missionaries, expecting to find yet another man-made religion. Instead I learned of the restoration of Jesus Christ's church, with His authority, through Joseph Smith. I read the Book of Mormon and found clear doctrines consistent with the Bible, and felt the undeniable Spirit of God testifying of its truthfulness and of it being the evidence of God's hand in the restoration of the church. I recognised God's consistent pattern of having a Prophet on the earth and giving priesthood authority to men to act in His name, not men claiming it for themselves just because they say so. Despite my initial cynicism and expectations, attending church, reading and praying about what I was seeing, led to undeniable Spiritual confirmations that this church was from God Himself. This wasn't a church as I knew churches -- rather this was God's doctrines, authority and truths embodied in a way of life, to live as He would want us to live. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Living my faith is based on choices we make for ourselves in an effort to keep the commandments of God and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. It starts in our home and becomes a way of life for everyday spiritual living. As a family we read scriptures, pray together, bless our food and enjoy a weekly family night lesson or activity. We participate in and attend a variety of church-related conferences and enjoy social activities organised by our local church congregation. We attend church every Sunday and observe the Sabbath day together as a family. My wife and I work together in equality and respect as we try to create a kind and loving marriage, family and home. We make supporting our children's education, music and sport, a central focus of our family life. Family activities and family life are central to living our faith. At a personal level, my faith is reflected in the daily choices I make. I choose the media I listen to or watch and shun crude, vulgar and degrading media. I value my body as a gift from God and make positive choices for my health by exercising and avoiding drugs, alcohol, tea, coffee and cigarettes. I make choices which seek to nurture my spirit through prayer and scripture study as well as reading good books on spiritual and other uplifting topics. Personal righteousness and repentance is a core aspect of how I live my faith. My faith leads me to live a life of service to my family and others in the church and wider community -- and by so doing I try to serve God.