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Hi I'm Efigenia

I was born in Jalisco Mexico, I am an Artist. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Jalisco Mexico, in a little town. My mom had to travel 100 miles on a horse in labor to get to the Clinic. She says I didn't make it to the delivery room. I came out in the Doctor's office. My parents wanted a better life for their children so we crossed the border when i was five. We moved around a lot. My Dad decided to go to seminary to become a minister. We moved to an Evangelic Institute. There were people that would come for help there after prison or with addictions. The Institute would help them rehab through religion. Living there was very hard on our family. When you put bad people with bad history around children you won't have good outcomes. One day my Dad took us on a trip. I ended up getting into a bad accident and breaking my leg badly. I was in bed for a long time. With nothing to do I began to draw things around my room and quickly realized I had a talent. As I grew older I also realized that it wasn't just for drawing, it was for all kinds of art. I especially loved video production when I was in high school. I always loved sports but I realized that I would not be able to play any. I had old injuries that never healed properly and it would cause me great pain to do sports. So, I began to video tape them. I love sports. I still can't do them but I have slowly started to run and I love to hike. I try anything at least once. What else can I say. Life is good.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born Catholic. In the US we were Evangelical Christians or Christian Baptists, both work. My Dad was a preacher. I learned a lot from my Dad. Mostly how badly I never wanted a husband like him. When I was about 8, I had an accident and broke my leg. My Dad cut my casts off after coming home from the hospital. He said that God would heal me, that all I needed to do was pray and I wouldn't need doctors. I couldn't get out of bed for so long. I was in too much pain. My Dad also didn't believe in Medicine. He believed anything was possible with just prayer. Though a part of me admires his faith another part of me just never agreed with everything. As Christian Baptists we believed that you have to accept Christ into your heart to be saved. I always wondered about the indigenous tribes in Africa that had yet been taught about Christ. May sound funny, but as a child that was my biggest worry, the little tribes in Africa that hadn't heard about Christ. I didn't think it was fair. I didn't think it was right that we taught about a God of Love but he wasn't willing to try and give everyone a chance. Another preacher once told me "God delights himself in only saving a few." My parents were divorced when I was 12. My dad soon after disappeared and left my mom on her own to raise 6 children. As an adult I moved to California. I kept searching for a church. I visited many denominations. Then one summer before my 21st birthday I met a boy. We dated and he told me about his church. I went and visited, and loved how I felt. Later, with the missionary, I learned about how they did work for the dead. Also how the church is all about the family. There were so many things I thought were crazy about this church, I prayed about it, like they asked. My heart was open so my answer came instantly. I knew that I was making the right choice. I was baptized. I kept my heart open. Heavenly Father just filled it with love and understanding of this wonderful Gospel.

How I live my faith

At this point I have been a member for just over 2 years. My life has changed so much. I can honestly say that I am a completely different person than who I was before I joined. All for the better though. I love my ward. I have only had the chance to serve in the Family Home Evening committee for the singles ward and in our institute council but it has been amazing. I especially love Institute. The religious classes that are offered there are wonderful. I try and invite as many people as I can to come and check out our classes. At this time I am preparing for a mission. I am eager to teach others who are learning truth for themselves. I see wonderful things in those men and women that come back from serving full time missions. I would love to serve the Lord full time as well.