Juli: Mormon.

Hi I'm Juli

About Me

I love to bake and spend time talking and laughing with my family. I draw and write and like to spend quiet time reading. I have been in Marching band all four years of high school and I have made it to being head drum major for my last year. I play the trumpet and the piano and recently took up the French horn in concert band. My favorite music to listen to is movie soundtracks. I plan to study linguistics in college and spend time in Japan to study Japanese.

Why I am a Mormon

Through the many trials I have already been faced with, I have found that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has given me a greater sense of peace and joy through sorrow and turmoil. Although I was born into the church I have found that through righteous gospel living I can gain greater happiness as I progress through life. Many of my great friends are in the church and I am so grateful to them for being an example to me and giving me people to go to when I feel uncomfortable in the world. I have chosen to be a member of this church because I have seen evidence in my own life that as I follow the teachings of the Gospel, I am happier, more confident, and feel that I have a place not only in the world now, but in eternity.

Personal Stories

Why do Mormons do family history or genealogy work?

We believe that it is “My work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man” (Moses 1:39). We do this by bringing others into the church so that they too can take part in Saving Ordinances like baptism and sealings here in this life. However, there are still many who did not have that chance in life, so we do family history to discover those people so that we can do those Saving Ordinances in the temple and bring to pass more of God’s work and glory.

How I live my faith

Journaling and scripture study are two important parts of how I live my faith. By keeping a record of the things I have learned through my experiences and scripture reading I can better understand and reflect upon events in the past to decide how I will act in the future. I love actively participating in seminary to learn what the Lord would have me learn here and now. I am friendly and always giving thanks to those give service to me.