Carla: Mormon.

Hi I'm Carla

About Me

Today I'm a homemaker canning home-grown tomatoes. This afternoon I'll be a professional and do bookkeeping and other computer work. Tonight I'll go to my women's group for a class on fixing stuff around the house. Tomorrow I'll do laundry and read a book unless my husband comes home early and then I will pretend I'm cleaning the house.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe in God. I was raised in the Rocky Mountains and love, fear and respect Nature. The more I learn about the Earth--I see the organization of a grand creator. And although bad things have happened to good people I have felt the arms of God encircle me and comfort me. When I read the Book of Mormon I felt the truth of it. When I read the stories of the people in the Book of Mormon I learned the power of God. I apply this knowledge to my life and continue to feel the truth of it. But just to be sure I knelt and prayed and asked God if the Book of Mormon was true. I heard the words, "You already know it is true." and I felt the comfort of peace envelope me. I know the Book of Mormon is true scripture and have read it in companionship with the Holy Bible. My knowledge or understanding of God comes from these books. Because I believe in the Book of Mormon... I am called Mormon.

Personal Stories

How can we develop greater harmony in our homes?

I want to say just get our children to move out and then their will be harmony in the home. :) But in all reality I find that my husband and I set the tone for the home if we are on the same page the children don't stand a chance against us. And when we are not in total agreement my respect or love for my spouse will align us until we are unified.

Think about your everyday activities. What are things you act upon each day where you cannot see the end results? How does faith move you to action?

I was raised on stories of the pioneers, pilgrims, 49rs, those who settled the Western United States. During a very exhausting times in my life (newborn baby or 3 kids in diapers) I remember these men and women who faced the great wilderness living in rough conditions and with little food. I remember stories of their prayers and faith so I tell myself that I need to pray and have faith. I have asked in prayer for the strength to get out of bed and take care of my children and everything else that needs to be done. The Lord has strengthened me and continues to help me.

How I live my faith

I try and practice what the scriptures say. Jesus loved and served others. I help friends clean their house while mine is left dirty. I try not to hate the person who was mean to me. Jesus loved the little children and taught and blessed them so when I was asked to spend 2 hours on Sunday watching everyone's 18mos to 2-year-olds I said yes. I'm not perfect. Sometimes I'm angry when I shouldn't be or I complain that things are too hard. But when I take those complaints and feelings to the Lord in prayer He comforts me, strengthens me and gives me what I need to keep on going.