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Hi I'm Ken Williams

I grew up in Washington. I enjoy the outdoors and motorsports. I have a terrific wife and 2 incredible boys! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a 41 year old husband. I am an only child that spent much of his childhood around older people. We were quite active in the outdoors and especially in trail riding and raising Morgan horses. My parents owned a construction company which allowed me to learn at a young age how to work. We spent most of our time fishing, putting up hay, or riding the horses. I pursued a career as a mechanic since I really did not like being around people much. Through family friends, I met the daughter of a school classmate of my moms. I started spending time with them and enjoyed the example that they set. They always talked about family, did family activities, game nights, and had family gatherings. They did not swear, they did not put others down, they did not smoke, and there was always a welcome feeling when around them. Through time, they invited me to go to church with them. Little did they know that I had been to a couple of other churches prior and never found one that felt correct. After going to church a couple of times, I had a strong feeling that this was the right place. I was later baptized and have been a member of the Church for 19 years. It has changed my life. I was able to overcome feelings of inadequacy, learn to trust and love others, and to gain confidence in myself. This allowed me to pursue other avenues have confidence to do so. Our family enjoys the outdoors, quads, boating, fishing, camping, monster truck racing, cooking, and much more.

Why I am a Mormon

I 've always believed that God has a plan for his children and he loves us very much. Because there is a plan, there must be a map. The Holy Bible is a map from ancient times but as we are in a new dispensation of time and technologies, how can we recieve guidance without a living prophet? How can a small community church with one pastor or bishop recieve direction for people around to world? How can such a great message be passed by one? There must be a living prophet. I grew up in a home that was loving and supportive. My parents are great people and I love them dearly. My dad was the best man in our wedding even. They both came from families of different faiths. The examples that were set for them did not pave a clear path for religion in our home. I know that Christ helped our family at times and that my parents have felt the spirit of Christ. After meeting my future wife, spending time with her & her family, and especially the example she showed me, by not only sharing her beliefs, but also being a great example and LIVING her beliefs, I found the pieces that were missing. Through studying the Book of Mormon, the Holy Bible, praying, taking the lessons and going to church, I knew that the gospel had been restored on the face of the earth. That Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is the true word of God as well and that it is a historical account of God's dealings with the inhabitants of the Americas. I know that Joseph Smith had been in search of the truth and was the vessel that Jesus Christ used to restore the Church in these Latter Days. I know that we are here on earth for a purpose. Through my willingness to learn about the Savior, to serve others as he did, and follow the guidance that is given to me, and to fulfill the covenants that I have made, I know that he will protect me and my family, that the spirit will be with us and I see him again some day.

How I live my faith

It has been an amazing journey for me. Through the 19 years that I have been a member of the Church, I try to read my scriptures dailly. I try to pray every day, morning, night, at meals, and whenever I need a little help or just want to thank Heavenly Father. I attend church meetings so that I can be spiritually fed. I enjoy reading church magazines and listening to tapes, CDs, and live broadcasts as well. There are so many ways to be spiritually fed, it seems that there is a way for everything. During this time,I have had the opportunity to teach Sunday school classes for several different ages of children and adults. I have had the opportunity to work with the young men ages 12 through 18. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I have been through training that was provided as well as have had the opportunity to mentor with people with more experience than I had. I found that I probably learned as much as the Young men did. I had the privelage of being a Scoutmaster for almost 5 years. What a tremendous opportunity to help mold and shape the future leaders of our cities, counties, states, and Federal government as well as the future husbands and fathers. To see these fine men come back years later all grown up and be outstanding citizens, have strong values, and be men of integrity and valor is an experience that cannot be described. It makes me think, how does Jesus Christ feel about me? Am I living up to the standards that I should be? Am I serving others as Jesus did? Am I worthy to inherit the Kingdom of God? Jesus Christ atoned for our sins. Was his life in vain? It is my goal to live my life in harmony with the teachings of Christ, to follow his counsel, to obey the commandments, to serve others as he served, and to make sure that he did not die in vain for me. If I am successful in this quest, I will be a good example to my children, friends, family members, and others that may not even know and return to live with him again.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Ken Williams
Even in the past when Jesus walked the face of the earth, he shared the truthfulness of our Heavenly Fathers Plan. The Gospel is true and every person should have the opportunity to hear about it and have the opportunity to learn more about it and gain their own testimony of it. If people dont have the opportunity to recieve witness of the gospel then Satans plan moves forward. Show more Show less