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Hi I'm Darin

I ride motocross, design guns, like to play nerf dart wars with my kids, love my family and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have always loved things with two wheels. One of my earliest memories is of chasing my Dad on my bike as he drove off to work. I probably remember this so well because that morning I crashed in a pile of glass and got all scrapped up. I went home and cried to my Mom that Dad didn't even stop to help me. She told me that he must not have seen me or else he would have. I believe her now but I wasn't so sure then (I was about 4). Today I like riding motocross tracks with my teenage kids. This especially rewarding because I am still faster than they are. We have also had fun learning to wake board and snow board. We like to raid my son's arsenal of Nerf dart guns, turn out most of the lights and have nerf dart wars in the house. We try to get mom to join in the fun, we even tell her that she can have the big macine gun! One thing that is a little unusual is that I design guns for a major firearms company in the United States. I did not start out with the intent to design firearms when I went to school, but I have learned that sometimes life goes in directions you do not expect. Sometimes things work out better than planned. Other times life can be pretty difficult. However, all of these experiences can blend together to make us better, more well rounded people if we will seek our Father in Heavens help.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church. As I grew up I have always known that it was true. I never questioned the existance of God or whether or not Jesus Christ was his son or our Savior. But that dose not mean that I have always known everything there is to know about them. One of the great things about the church is that through it I have been able to gain a greater understanding of the fact that God really is my Father in Heaven and that he loves all of us on the earth. This has helped me better understand who I am and what my (and all ot our) potential is. It also is a great help to have the Book of Mormon and the writings and words of modern day prophets. There is so much confusion and worry in the world today. Not only can we learn answers to the "big" questions in life (who am I, why am I here and were am I going?) but we can also receive guidance on day to day things like; what should my top priorities be (family), how can I provide for my family in these times of financial uncertanty and even what things can I do to increase my chances of staying healthy. There are still things I worry about but I do feel like I have a real good road map telling me how to get were I want to go.

How I live my faith

I try to treat my family well and give them my time and attention. I try to teach them the gospel so that it can be a guide to them as they grow up as it has been to me. I try to be kind to others and respect them. I think that if we were to stand before Christ today we would be able to feel how much he loves us. I hope that In some way I can help others feel Gods love for them. I try to look at my own life and see were I need to improve. I have joked that if we look back over our life with no regrets we probably haven't learned very much. This may not apply to those between the ages of 14-18 but then again what does? The older I get the more I understand that I am not yet who I can and want to become. But if I work at it and pray for help the Lord will amplify my efforts so that I can be who I need to be.