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Hi I'm Darrell

I'm an inventor and business owner -- but most importantly: I'm a father, a grandfather, and a Mormon.

About Me

I am a father of 4 and a grandfather of 8. I grew up as a young child on a farm at the foot of the Canadian Rockies in Southern Alberta, Canada. My father left the farm and became a crop-duster -- and later an airline pilot. We lived in several states and eventually settled down in the Seattle, Washington area. I have enjoyed skiing, snowboarding, water skiing, kayaking, hiking, sailing, tennis, racquetball, pickle ball (no kidding :-) and many other activities in the beautiful Seattle area. I had a great experience serving as a missionary in England for 2 years. I married a beautiful woman from the Seattle area, graduated from University with an Engineering degree, and went to work for a large company in Southern California. A partner and I then started our own business with a product we invented and patented. Our business grew from delivering one product from the back of our pick-up trucks into a worldwide corporation with many products and manufacturing sites. I sold my companies and was able to serve on the board of a few companies, a University, and local schools. We currently have a son serving a mission in Brazil. My wife and I enjoy time together ... and with our children, our sons-in-laws, and our grandchildren. We enjoy serving others through our church callings and service in the community.

Why I am a Mormon

At a young age I discover there was a God. At the age of 8 years old I had a simple, but profound experience. I lost a new hatchet I had been given for my birthday while on a hike. I searched for it up and down the mountain and could not find it. My cousin was with me and suggested that we kneel down and pray and ask God to help us find it. Us two small boys kneeled in the woods and prayed. While going back over the same route we had just been on ... I tripped and slid down an embankment. Right where I slid to a stop, under a fern and hidden by the leaves, was my axe. I remember the special feelings I experienced at that very moment ... I knew that my finding the axe was not a coincidence ... I knew there was actually a God in heaven who had heard the prayers of two sincere boys that day. This experience helped set a foundation for my life. I had good parents who taught me to treat others like I would like to be treated. They taught me to be a good Christian. I remember hearing my dad testify that there really was a prophet living on the earth -- that the Bibe was true -- and that the Book of Mormon was an ancient record that had been translated by a prophet so that we could have a second witness of Christ. I decided I needed to pray and find out if those things were really true. I remember feeling a sweet peace as I prayed. I felt "full", content and at peace when I read the Book of Mormon. I recognized that this was how I wanted to always feel! I have found that if you will exercise your faith - in other words - if you will take a step in the dark and live and act as though the teachings of Christ are true - even though you are not sure ... that is when you will get the witness!! Many times it is when you are living your life such that receiving a spiritual witness does not change your course much ... that is the time you will often receive it! I have received many such witnesses ... that is why I am a Mormon!

How I live my faith

Being a Christian – or being a disciple of Christ - or trying to follow Christ's example - is the way I hope I can live my faith ... and is the way I hope my children and grandchildren will live their faith. I believe this is the only way to finding a lasting happiness and inner peace that passeth understanding (Philippians 4:7). I believe that loving God, and loving those around me, is one of the most important thing I can do to live my faith. Being a husband, father, and a grandfather, is really what this life is all about. Even though those close to us may wander and struggle - we should never lose hope, and never stop showing them the same love Christ would show them. That can be difficult … but is how I think we can show faith … and live our faith ... and I believe it will always pay off in the end. I think the saying “Talk is Cheap” can be very true at times … and that our actions do speak louder than words. If we are people of faith – we should be honest in all our dealings, we should not esteem ourselves as more important than any other, we should treat others like we would like to be treated, we should not judge, we should be moral – clean - upstanding citizens, we should be absolutely faithful to our spouse, and we should look for ways that we can help others of all nationalities or religions.