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Hi I'm Greg

I'm an Arts fanatic. I'm an Author. I impersonate people. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to have fun! Everything about me is laughter and creativity. I love to be outdoors and explore this great world we live in. I love art, and everything to do with being creative. I love music as well - anything that inspires and uplifts to do something new or good. I was in a band during high school and played the drums. Playing shows was incredibly fun. I love to rock climb and hiking mountains. Being with close friends is always a must. I enjoy writing and wrote and published a book at the end of high school. I plan on writing more in the future. I was a missionary in Minnesota for the Mormon Church and loved every second of it. It changed my life forever. I love my family. We have big family parties every year where we can get together and enjoy laughing about past times and remembering the great moments. I just love life!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but obviously when I reached my teenage years, there came a lot of questioning about the Church and the teachings. I grew up in a stable home with loving parents. I kind of just slid through life, going to church every Sunday, but not necessarily being sincere in my heart with it. It was just a thing we did each Sunday and that was it. I just skated through the church scene, obeying my parents for the most part on doing what was asked of me. It made me happy to be with my family, but I never really had a testimony of the things I did each Sunday and Wednesday. I never read my scriptures regularly or never knew of the true importance of the commandments. Then, like most teenagers experience, I made some mistakes that brought a lot of sorrow and grief upon me. I began to realize that the church was here to help, so I began to really investigate things. It began, of course, with the Book of Mormon. I began to read it frequently and I soon realized that all of the great feelings I had experienced at the Church all of my life were real. The feelings were the Spirit of God. My older brother, who served a 2 year mission to Brazil, set a great example for me after his mission and I began to develop a true testimony. Soon, after praying hard and reading from the Book of Mormon, I started to understand that all of this was true. Despite all of the negative things I had heard about the church, I knew in my heart that this was true. I embraced it and decided to serve a mission. I received my call to Minnesota and it forever changed my life. I love this gospel and Christ's true church on the earth. It's made me such a better person than I would have ever hoped to be.

How I live my faith

I served a 2 year mission to Minnesota - knocking doors,teaching and talking to random people about God and Jesus, and ultimately trying to serve and do good among the community. This church is not just a Sunday only church. I try to live my life like Christ did, serving others and helping anyone that needs it. I make regular visit's to members of our church in the area where I live and try to help them in any way. They mean a lot to me, because they are really my brothers and sisters.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

It's incredible! Who wouldn't like a life that involves constant improvement and dedication. God sent us here to grow and to learn. Being a member of Christ's church allows us to fully access life's joys and happiness. We live our life like any one else, only we are founded on Christ as our example. We strive to live our lives like He did and even though we fall short of that sometimes, we are still trying. We try to be true Christians in every aspect of our lives and try to love one another. There really are no restrictions to a Mormon's lifestyle - we only refrain from certain activities that would take us away from family values and progression towards the Savior. Our bodies are Temples, therefore we don't consume anything that would harm it. Mormon's still have tons of fun! Just because we choose not to go to the bar on the weekend, doesn't mean that we can't have fun. I'd rather go rock climbing or skiing. We live our lives in harmony with Christ's gospel. We do things like reading our scriptures every day, praying daily and attending church on Sunday. We have normal jobs and hobbies, and strive to help others throughout our lives. I love being a Mormon! Show more Show less

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

If we have read the scriptures correctly, the New Testament teaches us that Christ called His 12 Apostles and sent them out without purse or scrip, meaning that they were never to be paid. Christ never once asked for money or a donation. We believe that Christ has called a Prophet and 12 Apostles to be on the earth again, and they are some of the leaders of the church, just like in biblical times. These men are not paid. Everything in the church, every calling, every position of leadership, is voluntary. No one is paid a dime for how much they preach at the pulpit. Not even our Bishops (more commonly known as Pastors) get paid. It is all voluntary and those assignments come to us by way of revelation from our church leaders. We accept those calls to serve fellow church members, and when everyone serves like that, the church supports itself. Show more Show less