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Hi I'm Ray Cashen!!!!!!

Look a little closer!

About Me

I'm a commercial real estate broker which means I am a salesmen. I love it!!!! I get up every day ready to take on the challenge, willing to create business from an idea or a note on a paper. And then I don't give up and I follow through. Believe it or not this leaves time for kids, a wonderful wife and yes even a little golf!!!! In addition to these activites, there is time to reach out to those in need or just do something kind or unexpected for another person. Time management is easy if you can become passionate about what you are doing!!!!!!

Why I am a Mormon

I had a wonderful upbringing!!! Incredible parents, amazing brothers and sisters!!! I was introduced to the Church when I was in college. I had barely heard of the Mormon Church. I did take the time to investigate the faith however. I'm not quick to jump into something I know nothing about but I accepted an invitation to visit with the Mormon Missionaries. I had what at the time was an unexplainable experience to me. While these two men were talking to me about the Church I had an overwhelming physical impression. I actually had a warm feeling in my chest. I did not know what had happened, yet I could not deny that it was real. A few weeks later at the final discussion the missionaries asked me if I would like to commit to baptism. They said they knew that I had a confirmation of the Spirit that day becasue they had felt it as well. I continued to study and pray and I received further confirmation of the Book of Mormon and the validity of the Church. I joined!!!!! It's been great!!! I've never regreted the decision in fact I wonder how I could feel complete without the Gospel in my life. I have a Testimony, a belief in Jesus Christ!!! I have faith that he was a real person and that he did what we read that he did. He atoned for our weaknesses so that we are then able to return to our Father in Heaven. We don't have to be perfect; we just have to strive to live by the commandments!! He will do the rest, of this I am sure. I invite you to learn more about this great truth!!!!!

How I live my faith

I love the scriptures and am always amazed how the writings apply to us today even though they were written so long ago!!!! I also pray and for the most part I express gratitude for the blessings of a great family and the opportunities I have been given. I don't find it difficult to be kind to people and I have a positive attitude. I have never found that complaining solves anything!!!!! Roll up your sleeves, get to work and take care of the task at hand. Everything will work out eventually. It's OK to make mistakes; just try not to keep making the same ones over and over!!!! Set goals and stand for something. Think about life a little and examine who you are and why you are here. Then be consistant to your standards and think about someone other than yourself. Spend your time doing something worthwhile. Take an interest in others and counsel those who have difficulty finding clarity. Contribute by doing things you don't have to do. Serving others for starters. Seek opportunities to do the unexpected and be the example that convinces others that there are still good people in the world. Your example will inspire faith and possibility. Be humble and quick to admit you were wrong. Be excited with your accomplishments and work to progress. I find all of these attributes in the scriptures and I believe these attitudes exemplify the teachings of Jesus Christ. At the end of the day, these choices foster happiness in my life. I highly recommend them to you!!!!