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Hi I'm Marlena

I'm a Jewish convert to the LDS church since 6 April 1988.

About Me

I have done many things in my life - lived in many states of the union and spent time in Mexico. I've worked in the hospital business, English teacher, an administrator, a student, a writer of books and stories and a play, and many other things that have taught me about myself and others. I have always believed this world is an adventure and that each of us is free to find those people, places and things that will give us knowledge and wisdom. Raised as a Jew I learned first hand the amazing and essential ideas of worship and love of others. These principles I have always tried to carry with me into whatever venture I embarked upon. I have no children but I am married. I have years of college training in English, linguistics, studying Hebrew and other languages, writing creative fiction, and genealogy work through the LDS church, which I joined when I was 47. That was in 1988. My story is an amazing one and I have written about it extensively in my book Notes of A Jewish Convert to the LDS Church:Conversion of a Soul. I was a woman of the world for a time - I wanted so much to be clean, to be able to look at myself in the mirror and see someone I could be happy and content with. I searched for a way to cleanse my soul and to know forgiveness and repentance. I found the answers in the atonement of Christ. He loves us so very much, and when we come to him and put our burdens upon him, he blesses us with the healing balm of his love through the Holy Ghost's ministrations.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a person who likes to know what matters beyond all the things of this world. Growing up as a Jew I believed what I was taught, but eventually I realized that something very important was missing from my understanding and that I would have to find it during my life. My childhood was abusive. I had many misconceptions about what happiness is and didn't know why I am here in this life, if there was a specific and perhaps "guided" direction to follow, and where the grave led - Jews don't believe in any specific afterlife but I couldn't accept in my heart that there is no definite life that stretches into forever. I was lost at 47, growing old without having ever known joy or even deep love. I didn't believe I could be worthy of anything beyond what I had already found as a Jew. I became Mormon because, through a fascinating set of circumstances I learned that there is a prophet upon the earth today. I learned that Jesus - Yeshua - is the Christ the Jews have been waiting for. I found that the Book of Mormon is true because it is a Hebraic book and because there are numerous evidences for its truth in the book. I believe I am a completed Jew because I understand the purpose and mission of Jesus when he came to teach the Jews in ancient times - it was to renew all the ancient doctrine and teachings that were given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Isaiah and all true prophets. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I know the Doctrine and Covenants are correct, given through the perfect mind of our Savior. I am sure through the ministrations of the Holy Ghost that he does have the same purpose, mission and work as the Father and Son, who are separate beings. I have had no doubts since the moment I was converted through the Spirit during a day when a vision came to me and the Spirit told me I was free to choose - after 5 1/2 months of isolated study in a room off an old barn. If you want to know the truth, read James 1:5 and pray. May you be blessed with truth.

How I live my faith

I am affiliated with various organizations which help others on a continuing basis. I also follow the teachings of our prophet, Thomas S. Monson and those before him, starting with the Prophet Joseph Smith and the apostles and Seventies. I attend General Conference when possible. I try hard to lead my life according to the commandments and the teachings about this life and the lives to come (because we have always lived and will always live). I pay an honest tithe, keep my covenants, do my visit teaching within the Church, work hard at my calling as a teacher, work in the temple. I also work with ASL people there on a weekly basis. LDS temples are also for the Jews who convert. I believe in personal revelation, so prayer is a large part of my life. In short, I have adopted fully the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - Jeshua - he who saves and makes free - he who rescues - for he rescued me. He is the Savior of this world. To do the work of the Lord frees us and adds to our faith. Faith is a real thing - having weight and size. As I live in faith I am given knowledge of how Heavenly Father and the Savior work in my life. There is no other religion that offers the perfection of the true Gospel as Jesus taught it. As I read the words of the prophets my understanding of how life works and what lies beyond this life increases. Faith in the goodness of the world and in the perfection of God's plan enables me to live my life happily from day to day, night to night. I am never afraid or lonely, for I know that God is with me and that I am loved and cared for by my Maker. To be a good Mormon is no small thing. It is the essence of a righteous life and it fills the body, the spirit and the mind of the bearer until there is no darkness and no uncertainty. Nothing else on earth can do that. The way to find and reach your personal potential is to come unto Christ in his church with all that you have. Nothing else on earth can make that promise come true. Shalom.